JUST IN: New 2020 Presidential Election Polls Released; Trump Tantrum Imminent


It’s no secret that vast portions of the U.S. population despise Donald Trump. His approval rating is currently well below 40 percent, which is the lowest to be measured for any modern president at this point in their tenure.

Him occupying the Oval Office in the first place is the result of an electoral fluke; millions more people voted for Hillary Clinton overall, but Trump won enough densely populated areas to finish with a majority in the electoral college.

Many people’s attentions are unsurprisingly focused on the 2020 election, even Trump himself is obsessing over it. He formally registered as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election within months of his 2016 presidential election victory, years before the point in their terms when first-term modern presidents normally register as a candidate for the next election. In addition, he’s held a series of campaign rallies throughout his first months in office, even though he has, quite simply, other things that he is supposed to be focusing on.

Now, there’s a new poll out — reported upon by Newsweek — that indicates that no matter how many rallies Trump has already held, he has a long way to go if he wants to win the presidency in 2020.

Although there is a large portion of the population that is apparently undecided as to who they will vote for come 2020, Trump is going into the next presidential election with a clear disadvantage.

Only 36 percent of those surveyed in the new POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll said that they planned on voting for Trump come 2020; in other words, Trump’s approval rating seems to be fairly reflective of his electoral support level going into 2020. With his approval rating staying down in the dumps throughout the first months of his presidency and showing no sign of letting up anytime soon, Trump has to get his act together quick if he wants to be president for four more years. Relying on another electoral fluke just isn’t going to cut it.

46 percent of those surveyed in the new poll reported upon by Newsweek said that they planned on voting for whatever Democrat opposed Trump in the general election come 2020, and 18 percent said that they were undecided.

Only 74 percent of Republicans said that they planned on supporting Trump, and eight percent of those who voted for Trump in 2016 said they planned on jumping ship and voting for an opponent of Trump.

It’s still an open question of which Democrat will oppose Trump come the 2020 presidential election; recently, the possibility has been raised that the beloved former Vice President Joe Biden will run and — assuming he wins the Democratic presidential primary — oppose Trump.

He told popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey that he “regrets” not being president, but that he didn’t feel he could run in this past election because he was occupied with dealing with the death of his son.

During a discussion this past week on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, guest Donny Deutsche said he had spoken to someone in Biden’s inner circle, who said that if the former Vice President is able, he is planning on running for president come 2020.

One important indication of how 2020 will go for Trump and the Republicans is the 2018 midterm elections, and more Americans presently plan on voting for a Democrat in the upcoming midterms than plan on voting for a Republican.

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