Comey Responds To Weekend Trump Attacks With Best Twitter Takedown Of All Time


Twitter has emerged as a political battlefield in recent years, especially in the age of Donald Trump. Since before he was elected, President Trump has consistently taken to Twitter both to defend himself, and to attack others.

After being verbally attacked by Trump, former FBI director James Comey turned to Twitter to post a quote about the intricacies of truths and lies. Even though Trump squared up against Comey with a series of personal insults, the former FBI director remained calm, cool and collected, responding only with a few simple tweets.

The tweet is a response to a statement Trump made on Saturday morning about Comey, in which he called the former FBI director a “liar,” and “a leaker.” The attacks from the president were elicited by his disagreement with the conclusion that Russia did in fact meddle with the 2016 election. He attacked all three of the former intelligence directors, including James Clapper and John Brennan, calling them “political hacks.”

Comey followed up on his first tweet with a second one explaining the significance of the image attached.

It’s no surprise that tensions are high between Trump and Comey. After all, Comey was leading a FBI investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign’s involvement with Russia to understand whether or not members of the campaign collaborated with the Russians in order to skew election results in favor of Trump. However, he was fired in May of 2017 under questionable circumstances. Initially, the White House claimed that it had fired Comey for mishandling the Clinton email investigation. Later, Trump revealed that the Russian investigation had played a role in the decision to let Comey go. Robert Mueller was appointed to carry on the Russian investigation following Comey’s expulsion.

President Trump seemed to have no issue with Comey on the campaign trail. When the former FBI director announced that the bureau would be reopening the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s private emails, he actually received praise from Trump. However, the script flipped in March when Trump found out that his campaign was being investigated in regards to potential collusion with the Russian government. Less than two months later, Comey was fired.

Regardless of the suspicious timing of events, Trump is so adamantly against any notion that his campaign collaborated with the Russians, that he claims to have taken Vladimir Putin for his word when the Russian President denied meddling with the 2016 election. As The New York Times reported on Saturday, Trump maintains that “he [Putin] did not do what they are saying he did.”

As time passes, evidence that Russia was involved in the 2016 election only seems to grow. In fact, even Robert Mueller finds the timing of Comey’s firing suspicious. It is reported that Muller is in the process of constructing an obstruction of justice case against President Trump in regards to his sudden decision to fire Comey. Trump’s decision to lash out at Comey on Saturday only draws more attention to the conspicuous timing of events. It looks like Americans will watch as the Russian investigation unfolds on a platform as public and accessible as Twitter.

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