Ivanka Tweets About Working With Congress Like She Matters – Regrets It In Seconds


Donald Trump, since he first assumed office, has broken all norms when it comes to the role the president’s family plays in the White House. Ivanka Trump, in particular, has faced scrutiny due to her lack of qualifications and general confusion as to what it is, exactly, that she does.

Ivanka added fuel to that fire today by posting on Twitter that she will “be in NY, NJ, and on the Hill in D.C. working with Members of Congress to make a reality!”

How? It’s extremely doubtful that Ivanka, with no legislative or real political experience, can do anything to get votes together. Here’s the tweet in question:

Ivanka, of course, stands to massively benefit from the proposed Republican tax plan – as does the rest of the Trump family. In fact, the entire plan is a giveaway to the rich. Republicans have openly admitted they want to pass the plan so that donors will continue giving them money.

Twitter immediately ridiculed her:

One thing is certain: With proposed repeals to the estate tax, and massive tax benefits for the rich, Ivanka stands to personally make a great deal of money if the plan ends up passing.

Unfortunately for her, even with her “help,” it’s not particularly likely the current congressional tax plan will pass. Vox has more:

‘The bill in its current form would almost certainly give disproportionate benefits to wealthy Americans, who tend to benefit from corporate tax cuts more than non-wealthy Americans and who could likely exploit the pass-through rate by setting up dummy corporations. People earning between $400,000 and $1 million would face a significantly lower top income tax rate.

‘But the bill will almost certainly not remain in its current form. As written, it is almost guaranteed to increase the budget deficit by trillions over 10 years, and quite possibly keep increasing the deficit after 10 years are up.

‘That’s a big problem: Under Senate rules, some legislation can pass with only 51 votes only if it doesn’t increase the long-run deficit. So the current draft of the legislation would probably need 60 votes instead, meaning significant Democratic support, which Republican leaders haven’t been even trying to court. They need legislation that can pass with 51 votes, and for that, they need the bill to not raise the long-run deficit.’

In other words, if Republicans want to pass a plan that’s not deficit-neutral, like this one, they’re going to need Democratic votes. And that’s just not going to happen. Unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t typically vote for tax benefits for the super rich when the middle and working class will be the ones paying for it in the end.

It’s also very interesting that Republicans, who incessantly shrieked about a deficit while President Obama was in office (who lessened the deficit while managing the recovery of our economy, no easy feat – and considering we’re going into nine years of straight economic growth, he was pretty successful by any reasonable measure), no longer seem to care at all about balancing the budget.

Their donors want tax cuts, so Republicans will do everything in their power to get them tax cuts. They never cared about the deficit in the first place. Much like Trump calling the same economic numbers he raves about now (thanks, Obama!) “fake news” a year ago, it’s just misdirection.

Featured image via David McNew/Getty Images

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