Kellyanne Conway Belligerently Stammers Through Interview Like An Old, Drunk Bird Lady


Kellyanne Conway is usually a pro at deflecting, red-directing, and defending Donald Trump. But even Trump’s finest propagandist couldn’t construct an adequate defense of his juvenile behavior.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to attack Kim Jong Un, calling the North Korean dictator “short,” and “fat” in an underhanded insult which he tweeted from Vietnam.

Kellyanne Conway was once again burdened with the responsibility of explaining away Trump’s actions and attempting to disguise him as a respectful and ‘presidential’ leader.

The political pundit appeared on ABC’s This Week only to provide the public with a sub par defense of Trump. You can watch Conway’s nearly full minute of failing to defend Trump’s tweet here.

Conway attempted to redirect the attention from Trump’s laughably childish and inappropriate insults, to the highlights of his 13 day trip, during which she says the president was “focused on global security and combating terrorism, and most importantly containing a nuclearized North Korea.”

Conway also took jabs at the Obama Administration by blaming the complexity of the current global political environment on Trump’s predecessor. “We inherited a mess,” she stated, as she spoke about US foreign relations with North Korea and Iran.

She skillfully avoided making reference to Trump’s tweet, instead opting to speak in vague terms about what Trump had accomplished on the trip. However, Raddatz, the show’s host, pressed forward, asking Conway whether or not name-calling is “helpful.”

It was then that Conway made the mistake of attributing Trump’s behavior to the age old, finger pointing ‘but he started it’ excuse. She stated that, “the president [was] just responding the way he does to somebody who insulted him first.” This response not only ignores Raddatz’s question regarding the helpfulness of name calling, but also fails to provide any reasonable defense of Trump’s words. A desperate Conway continued her response by saying, “but I look at the full context of his entire trip and what he’s trying to do.”

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And what is it exactly that Trump is trying to do? According to his own words, Trump is “try[ing] so hard to be [Un’s] friend.”

Trump may be in need, not only of a lesson on how to make friends, but also on basic diplomatic interaction. As Conway said not once, but twice, North Korea is “nuclearized.” This factor increases the delicacy of the situation and calls for especially diplomatic measures.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Kim Jong Un has been on the receiving end of insults from President Trump. In September, Trump found it appropriate to refer to the North Korean dictator as “rocket man” during his speech at the United Nations. Un responded by calling Trump a “dotard.”

North Korea has carried out half a dozen nuclear tests. The most recent one took place in early September. Experts have confirmed that it would be possible for a missile launched by North Korea to reach areas in the United States. President Trump is not only exposing his own immaturity by tweeting insults about Kim Jong Un, but he is also exposing US citizens to nuclear attacks by North Korea.

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