New Senate Poll Delivers GOP Child Rapist Roy Moore A Devastating Blow (DETAILS)


The news broke last week that Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama Roy Moore had been predatory towards teenage girls in his 30’s. Moore has denied the allegations, calling them fake news and attacking his accusers’ accounts, while pledging to stay in the race.

His decision to come out swinging against the allegations, claiming them to be some sort of conspiracy against him, might not be enough to save his Senate bid.

A new poll released by JMC Analytics on Sunday has Democrat Doug Jones with a four percent lead over Moore.

As journalist Daniel Dale noted on Twitter, this new poll is the first since the allegations came out against Moore to actually have Jones in the lead.

To be sure, not one poll since the allegations came out against Moore has shown him as having any trace of the  seemingly insurmountable lead he had before the report from The Washington Post with the allegations against him.

Dale notes this on Twitter too.

Dale mentions that “[i]t is very possible that the vocally-sticking-with-Moore Republicans talking to us reporters and dominating coverage don’t reflect the big picture,” and indeed, although Donald Trump won the 2016 election in Alabama by a large margin, anti-Trump sentiment has been rising across the country. Turnout is always lower for mid-term elections than it is for presidential elections, so it’s very possible that, in the face of allegations of pedophilia, Moore could lose his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Even still, nearly a third of survey respondents — 29 percent to be exact — said that they were “more likely” to support Moore in the wake of the allegations coming out against him. 38 percent of those surveyed said that they were less likely to support Moore in the wake of allegations of sexually assaulting a fourteen year old girl, while 33 percent of those surveyed said that the allegations against the gun-toting, Breitbart-backed U.S. Senate candidate made no difference in their choice.

To be sure, allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump didn’t keep millions of people from voting for him, so that’s yet another indication of just how close this Senate race is no doubt going to turn out to be.

A tape surfaced months before the presidential election last year featuring Donald Trump bragging about his supposed freedom to sexually assault women because of his social standing. A journalist featured in that tape — Billy Bush — lost his job, but Trump was elected to the presidency.

Moore has responded to the allegations against him by claiming that they’re borne out of some sort of broad conspiracy against his campaign.

He posted a series of tweets to that effect, which you can see below.

It goes without saying that the vast conspiracy that Moore claims exists against him is nonexistent.

Meanwhile, prominent Republicans from John Kasich to Mitt Romney have called on Moore to drop out of the race.

Kasich did so in an appearance on CNN this Sunday.

Mitt Romney made his call for Moore to drop out in a recent tweet.

Featured Image via Scott Olson/ Getty Images

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