Trump Has Odd Sunday Morning Senior Moment On Twitter – People Are So Confused


In the past, people have idly wondered that perhaps Trump is experiencing cognitive decline. After all, video of him when he was younger shows him to have a larger vocabulary, better understanding of sentence structure, and to be a more generally intelligent person.

He’s a had a few interesting moments that lend credence to that thought – he’s wandered off more than once, forgetting where he is, prompting concerns of sundowning.

This morning, Donald Trump did something that only serves to reinforce that belief. First, he tweeted that he “just landed” in the Philippines. Then, an hour later, he tweeted he’s “heading” to the Philippines. See for yourself:

Many social media users attacked Trump in his replies, with a few others (with the help of bots) defending him:

As Trump continues to sit in the White House, he will continue to embarrass our nation on the international stage. He is a weak, easily manipulated leader who likes those who praise him no matter the foreign policy differences or differing stances on human rights. Trump doesn’t represent our country internationally – he represents himself, thus humiliating our country.

For example, Trump praised Putin, saying the two have “chemistry,” despite the Russian assault on our democracy, decades of sitting at the brink of war, and Russia’s ongoing human rights abuses. That doesn’t even begin to cover the many places around the world where we have different aims and goals. Russia is not our friend.

Or how about China? China was a primary target while Trump was on campaign, but they had absolutely no trouble buttering him up. His only consistency is that he responds to praise.

Trump will fail on this trip in more ways than one. Already, he failed to confront human rights abuses in Vietnam when he visited, instead telling the president of Vietnam that he’s “doing a great job.” Vietnam has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Trump failed to make a statement even after being reminded with a bipartisan letter from Congress.

Now that he’s in the Philippines, he will fail once again, as per the usual. He’ll eat some food, attend some events, post some tweets in broken English, get laughed at behind his back (and after he leaves). He’ll continue on trumpeting his success as our standing in the world plummets and respect for the United States erodes. He’s undermining our allies and aiding our enemies, and his followers eat it up despite all the evidence showing his incompetence. It truly is a cult of personality.

Trump is like the lonely kid at the gathering who doesn’t really seem to fit in with anybody and just sort of wanders around looking for approval. If someone tells him his hat is cool, or engages him in friendly conversation, he’ll follow them around like a puppy (or effusively tweet praise). Trump’s not just a bad president – he’s not even good at adulting. He’s unbalanced, unhinged, and unfit.

This senile old fool needs to resign or be forced out of office.

Featured image via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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