Trump’s Sunday Russia Comments Are So Out-Of-This-World; Low Intellect Terrifying


We, the general public of Americans with common sense, have all known Trump has fuzzy feelings for Russia, especially President Vladimir Putin. Of course, many still believe he was the perfect candidate and still believe there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

However, in Trump’s latest comments, he’s further proved he has less strict, more friendly feelings towards the Russians and their corrupt government. In a very roundabout way, he hinted he might look at the heavy sanctions on Russia and reconsider them. He commented:

‘Russia’s been very very heavily sanctions. They were sanctioned at a very high level, and that took place very recently. It’s now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken.’

via Youtube.

Obviously, that has to be a hint that he’s going to reexamine the sanctions against Russia. How could it not be? The only thing Russia could want from the United States is to see the lifting of the sanctions posed against them. Trump continued:

‘I feel that having Russia in a friendly posture, as opposed to always fighting with them, is an asset to the world and an asset to our country, not a liability.’

Friendly posture. Trump then tried to tell the press that getting along with nations is a good thing.

‘Getting along with other nations is a good thing. Not a bad thing. Believe me.’

Says the guy who will most likely send America into a nuclear war with North Korea via Twitter. Trump also defended his buddy Putin by claiming he believes Putin when he says he did not meddle in the 2016 presidential election. He said that despite the fact that multiple intelligence agencies have proved otherwise that the Kremlin did, in fact, meddle in the election. Trump remarked:

‘Every time he sees me he says, “I didn’t do that,” and I really believe that when he tells me that. He means it.’

Now, obviously, he’s saying he believes Putin when he claims Russia had nothing to do with the 2016 election. However, when asked to clarify on his remarks, he said:

‘I believe that he feels that he and Russia did not meddle in the election. As to whether I believe it or not, I’m with our agencies.’

Let’s say Putin felt he did not meddle in the election. Perhaps, he does. Maybe he feels he helped America rather than meddled in our affairs. Jeffrey Dahmer ate people, but he felt he was doing a good and sane thing. He wanted to build an altar out of his victims’ bodies as a place of meditation. He felt that was a good thing to do. Obviously, it’s not.

Furthermore, there are no Russian operatives who would have conducted the meddling without Putin’s request. Putin rules Russia with an iron fist. If someone did take it upon themselves, Putin would have them disappear in the night if he didn’t want anyone meddling in the election. He did, however.

Trump’s comments regarding Russia and the need for friendly posturing is just his way of justifying playing footsie with Russia. What’s so striking about his comments is just how bold they are. He’s not even attempting to hide his obviously warm relationship with Putin. Additionally, his later comments clarifying he does believe our agencies is just complete word salad because he was called out for basically saying he believed Putin over the multiple U.S. intelligence agencies who have provided unquestionable proof that Russia did meddle in our election – an election we will never know the outcome of had it been left alone.

Twitter reacted to Trump’s comments. You can check out those responses below.

Featured image by Steffan Kugler/BPA via Getty Images.

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