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In an attempt to further smear the Obama presidency, a right-wing affiliate magazine has recently published a false article pertaining to Malia Obama, the former president’s oldest daughter. In the piece, Globe magazine claimed that Malia is currently being questioned by the FBI, despite the fact that no such event has taken place and no evidence has been provided to justify these statements.

The story’s misleading and unjustifiable headline claims that the Obamas’ eldest daughter is being questioned by the FBI in regards to her time interning at the Harvey Weinstein Company, as the case surrounding Weinstein’s sexual misconduct continues to grow in the public sphere. However, no such proof surrounding Malia’s questioning has been provided, and any indication that she will be questioned has not been validated.

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In their most recent cover for the magazine, The Globe front page title indicates that Malia is involved in an FBI probe, and that the circumstance is “Barack & Michelle’s Worst Nightmare.”

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The headline that has been so prominently depicted is not only a fabrication of circumstances, but has been taken wildly out of context by the pro-Trump media outlet. As President Trump finds himself engulfed in increasing controversies surrounding the potential collusion with Russia, and the GOP party further encompassed by scandals such as the sexual allegations against Roy Moore, such attacks on the opposing party have burgeoned as a means of decreasing the attention currently being paid towards the Trump administration and Republican party.

The Globe, an affiliate of America Media, is under the leadership of David J. Pecker, and has attempted to support and empower President Trump through their array of exploitative publications, including the infamous National Enquirer. The constant barrage of attacks in favor of Trump provides insight into the total lack of credibility of Pecker and his news outlets. Pecker is also known to work with global media outlets, including, Fox News, Sinclair, Breitbart, and radio shows like Sean Hannity’s and Rush Limbaugh’s to boost Trump while trying to tear down his supposed enemies.”

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Pecker’s staunch support of Trump can be seen in previous publications through his media outlets, whether attacking Republican candidates during the primary elections, or further attempting to deter attention from the Trump administration’s controversies, as is seen in the latest publication. During the heated campaign between Senator Ted Cruz and President Trump, The Enquirer came out with an issue that promoted the conspiracy that Cruz’s father played a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, again without a shred of meaningful evidence.

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Since the publication of the article, there has been no validation of the FBI probe by any official or authority-figure in connection with the case, likely delegitimizing the cover to begin with. As the Trump administration and GOP fall under a slew of detrimental allegations and issues, it becomes evident that right-wing proponents are doing everything in their power to distract public opinion with unjustified and fabricated news stories.

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