What Joe Biden Just Said About Melania Has Donald About To Fly Into A Mega Rant


President Trump’s administration has been defined by failure after failure. He’s failed to accomplish anything significant since taking office, simply occupying himself with undoing the accomplishments of his predecessors, and he’s also failed to stick up for the millions of Americans he is supposed to be representing as president. He’s threatened millions of people’s very lives through his continuous threats to the nation’s health care system.

The widely beloved former Vice President Joe Biden has a new memoir coming out soon, and on the occasion of his new book, he appeared on NBC’s Today Show this Monday morning.

While on the show, Biden was faced with the question of naming something that Trump has “done well” in office — and he struggled to come up with an answer.

He began his answer by commenting:

‘I think there’s a number of things he’s doing well. But even the things he’s doing well, it’s how he does them. David Brooks is one of my favorite columnists, and he wrote a piece.. about that there’s this invisible wall of fabric that holds up society, and people listen to what leaders say… it assumes a citizen who is engaged and decent and honorable and speaks with some degree of civility… it’s more the tone of this administration that bothers me.’

Trump has most certainly put a tone on display that warrants concern; just recently, he took to Twitter to quip that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was “short and fat.”

It’s not as though that tweet is the first display of Trump’s global stability-threatening tone — in the past, he’s taken to calling Kim Jong-Un “Little Rocket Man” on the social media platform, while also insisting that military action is the only viable option to deal with the threat of the North Korean nuclear arsenal.

Following Biden’s initial comments, host Matt Lauer pointed out to him that he hadn’t actually named anything in specific that he felt Trump was doing well.

To that, the former Vice President quipped that Trump “married very well,” before saying:

‘I can’t think of something right now. I’m not being a wiseguy, but there is a lot of the country that’s still functioning. For example, the choice of keeping the military personnel that we left behind in place in the Middle East was very very important. He hasn’t changed that policy.’

Watch a clip of Biden’s appearance on the Today Show below.

There’s been lots of talk, as mentioned, of Biden running for president come 2020. While appearing on NBC this Monday, he said that he had not yet made up his mind about that question.

As Hillary Clinton’s case indicates, there’s no way to know for certain that he would win against Donald Trump come 2020 apart from him actually running, but there’s no real indication that Trump is prepared to give Biden a run for his money should the former Vice President run for the nation’s highest office.

Trump remains the most unpopular president of modern times, with an approval rating of about 39 percent.

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