BREAKING: Congresswoman Accuses Two Current Congressmen Of Sexual Harassment


The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has rushed to the front of the national conversation in recent weeks, spurred on by the long overdue exposure of film mogul Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault and harassment. A number of public figures in the entertainment world have been exposed for their past actions, including people ranging from comedian Louis C.K. to musician Jesse Lacey.

With the revelation of sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, the issue of sexual harassment rushed back to the front of the nation’s political conversation. Moore, who is facing a steadily increasing tide of calls to drop out of the race, routinely harassed and assaulted teenage girls in the Alabama town where he worked in the U.S. District Attorney’s office. He’s denied the charges, but it’s not like there is just one accuser — numerous wom have come forward, as have numerous people who were in Moore’s orbit and corroborate the women’s stories.

Now, a female U.S. Representative named Jackie Speier has revealed that at least two sitting Congresspeople are guilty of sexual harassment.

Speier, who is a Democrat serving California’s 14th Congressional District, revealed as much during a House Administration Committee hearing on sexual harassment in Congress this Tuesday morning.

She stated:

‘In fact, there are two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, right now who serve, who have been subject to review — or, have not been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment.’

Watch Speier’s comments below.

Rep. Speier has been outspoken against sexual harassment in Congress in the past.

After a social media wave of women sharing their own stories of sexual harassment, filed under the hashtag “#MeToo,” she shared her own “Me Too” story.

Horrifyingly, as Speier explained in a video posted to her Twitter account, she knows “what it’s like to keep these things hidden,” since while working as a Congressional staffer, the chief of staff for her office forced his tongue into her mouth.

She told the House Administration Committee on Tuesday that since sharing her story, her office has received numerous calls from current and former Congressional staffers telling their horrifying stories of sexual harassment.

Speier is not alone, either.

At the Tuesday hearing at which she spoke, GOP member of the House Administration Committee Rep. Barbara Comstock said that she knew of an incident of sexual harassment perpetrated by another member of Congress. She said that she does not know the perpetrator’s identity, but she was told of the situation by someone she trusts.

She posed the question, “What are we doing here right now for women who are dealing with someone like that?”

One thing is for sure — the U.S. president is sure to be no help to these women. He was caught on tape bragging to journalist Billy Bush about committing sexual assault.

He explained away those comments by saying his bragging about committing sexual assault was nothing more than “locker room talk.”

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