BREAKING: White House Floored; Top Cabinet Member Resigning To Spite Trump


Donald Trump paraded into office promising to deport millions of immigrants who he claimed, without basis, pose some kind of threat to the United States, and although he’s faced obstacles in enacting that promise, he has worked hard at it ever since coming to power.

In so doing, he’s left numerous issues alone that he should be concerning himself with, such as providing health care to Americans so they don’t die, preferring to spend all his time catering to his racist base that believes that everyone whose skin isn’t the same color as theirs is out to get them.

In his relentless campaign to enact his agenda, Trump has routinely disregarded law and precedent, choosing to act as though only opinions that align with his own are relevant.

In this light, Trump’s chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, reportedly placed an angry phone call to acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke about a week ago. Kelly demanded in this call that Duke expel 57,000 Hondurans currently living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status, or TPS.

The website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services describes TPS as follows:

‘The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for TPS due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately.’

Duke’s original decision was to end the TPS status for about 2,500 Nicaraguans currently living in the U.S. and give the previously mentioned tens of thousands of Hondurans a “six month extension,” since she felt as though she did not have enough information to make an informed decision.

Duke’s decision reportedly infuriated John Kelly, who was himself Secretary of Homeland Security until getting tapped to replace former RNC official Reince Priebus was White House chief of staff.

Before the Department of Homeland Security made Duke’s decision public, she reportedly got a call from Kelly himself, who “was persistent, telling her he didn’t want to kick the can down the road” on the issue of what to do about the Hondurans living in the U.S. thanks to Temporary Protected Status.

He was reportedly also concerned with his “handpicked” successor for the position of Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, facing potentially tough questions during her confirmation hearings about what she plans to do about the Hondurans.

Duke was unsurprisingly said to be “angry” by an administration official speaking anonymously to The Washington Post. As this official added, “To get a call like that from Asia, after she’d already made the decision, was a slap in the face.”

Although DHS spokesman Jonathan Hoffman has denied it, Duke plans to resign from the Department once the new Secretary is confirmed, according to officials speaking to The Washington Post. (Hoffman also insists that Duke “had reached out to [Kelly] to solicit advice on the TPS decision.”) Duke’s alleged decision to resign comes in the face of Trump wanting her to stay on as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

Trump has been pleased with Duke’s job performance, but many others have not.

Were Duke to vacate her position, she would be the latest in a long list of Trump Administration officials to leave their positions early. Trump has lost everyone from his Press Secretary to his chief adviser to his Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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