Hilarious New Billboard Mocks Top Republican As A Trump Kiss-Ass (IMAGES)


A California congressional candidate is hoping to unseat GOP Rep. Devin Nunes in California’s 22nd congressional district, and he’s using his next level trolling skills to bump Nunes out.

Andrew Janz is running for Congress and took his campaign tactics to a whole new level by paying to erect a billboard featuring Congressman Devin Nunes as a baby, along with baby Donald Trump, on leashes being held by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the words:

‘You have been a good boy, Devin.’

Janz tweeted pictures of the billboard, along with a short message asking that people circulate the photo in order to make sure Nunes will see it. Janz said:

‘I’m afraid Devin Nunes won’t get to see this awesome new billboard in his honor since he is never in [California’s 22nd congressional district.] Can you help me make sure it gets in front of him by sharing this pic and using #goodboydevin ?’

The reaction to the billboard, which Andrew Janz tweeted, was mostly positive, earning the congressional hopeful donations and praise. You can read the reactions, along with Janz responses, in the screen captures below:

While the president continues to taunt and threaten North Korea and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign members and the Russian government continues, Nunes is desperate to distract from current issues by putting the spotlight on the Clinton’s. The focus, he feels, should be the uranium plant sold to Russia by the Clinton foundation.

You can see Congressman Nunes announcing the probe in the video below:

Featured Image via Getty Images

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