BREAKING: New Video Of Al Franken On Previous USO Tour Unravels Assault Allegations


Al Franken’s accuser Leeann Tweeden got shredded in the media Sunday after video and picture evidence revealed her true character, tarnishing the allegations she had made one day prior when she came forward to say that the senator had sexually assaulted her during a USO tour in 2006.

Below are just a few of examples of that character:

This is an image of Tweeden and Franken at an event honoring Franken 3 years after her alleged devastating attack. The Twitter user makes a good point:

And this one shows Tweeden planting an obviously surprising kiss on a soldier’s lips, just one of many, according to various recollections of Tweeden’s USO tours.

The one that went majorly viral is the one below; a video of Tweeden sexually assaulting beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams.

Then a second accuser came forward Monday morning to allege that, while her husband was a foot away taking the picture, Al Franken grabbed her behind and squeezed.

Now, video has come to light about the story Tweeden gave about the “script” Franken had written just so he could oogle and kiss her. That is apparently untrue, as Franken had been performing the skit with at least one other actress for years.

Check out the video and see for yourself:

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