Melania Just Admitted She Hates Being First Lady & The Reason Is So True It’s Hilarious


First Lady Melania Trump has seemingly settled into her role about ten months after her husband was elected. However, it is not a role that comes natural to her and her actions often seem forced. Consider the fact too that she and their son Baron did not even move into the White House until June.

According to The Associated Press, during an event for the Boys and Girls Club on the White House lawn, a member asked her if she was Melania Trump. She responded with:

‘Yes, I’m the first lady.’

On Sunday, Vanity Fair published an article saying that Melania still seems “very much alone in her position.” After all, she has very few staff supporting her work and not much in the way of an agenda. Currently, she has a staff of nine people, which is half of what former first ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama had. According to Vanity Fair:

‘There may never have been a First Lady less prepared for or suited to the role. “This isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something he ever thought he’d win,” one longtime friend of the Trumps’ told me. “She didn’t want this come hell or high water. I don’t think she thought it was going to happen.”’

Here is what Twitter had to say:

Although the first lady has been thrust into a very public role, write Sarah Ellison says:

‘much of Melania Trump’s life has remained in the shadows. She is the keeper of many of her husband’s secrets, and one can imagine that what binds the two of them together is that he may very well be the keeper of some of hers.’

Many people have questioned the type of relationship she and President Trump have or if they lead their lives very separately. Ellison reports that Melania’s friends are “divided when it comes to how she feels about her husband.” She reports:

‘One told me that it is “old news” that she and her husband live essentially separate lives.’

While she and Trump were in Israel back in May, a video surfaced of Mrs. Trump slapping her husband’s hand away when he tried to hold her hand.

After seeing the video, Joy Behar of “The View” stated:

‘She can’t stand him.’

The first lady can also be seen flinching when her husband touches her.

Paolo Zampolli, the U.N. Ambassador to Dominica and former modeling agency proprietor said:

‘The media has been tough on her. People appreciate, and the poll numbers also show, that she’s more appreciated than the president or the First Daughter.’

According to writer Sarah Ellison:

‘A recent CNN poll found that Melania Trump is more popular than her husband, with 44 percent of respondents holding a favorable view of her, versus her husband’s 41 percent approval rating. Moreover, President Trump has a 57 percent unfavorability rating, whereas Melania’s stands at only 35 percent. Ivanka Trump was flat, at 41 percent favorable and 41 percent unfavorable.’

The jury may be out on this one, but from what is in the public eye, Melania seems miserable being married to Trump even though she is trying to live the life she has been thrust into by the man who is quickly becoming one of the least liked people of all time, not only in the U.S. but in rest of the world.

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