‘There are others, perhaps who practice outside of the Washington, D.C., swamp, who could step in and do an honest and conflict-free investigation of so-called Russian collusion.’

Klayman’s reasoning for the lawsuit may be that former FBI director James Comey is too close to Robert Mueller, and there are also accusations that his legal team is leaking everything he is investigating to the press. Klayman also cited the fact that Mueller appointed Democratic donors to his legal team. Klayman wrote:

‘Special Counsel Mueller must be removed as Special Counsel, as well as his conflicted staff, and this matter referred back to DoJ for the appointment of a new and ethical Special Counsel who will uphold his or her oath of office, rather than playing sleazy partisan politics with secret grand jury proceedings and this serious and important matter in general.’

Here were some comments on Twitter:

According to the New York Post:

‘Mueller has enjoyed broad bipartisan support from Congressional leaders and has the backing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But as the Russia investigation has heated up and swept up members of President Trump’s campaign and family, pressure has mounted from Trump allies to discredit — or even fire — Mueller.’

Let’s not forget that Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon called his firing of James Comey the worst mistake in modern political history. Trump’s huge mistake ultimately led to Robert Mueller’s appointment, which has led to a fierce and thorough investigation and those involved with the Trump campaign have a real reason to fear him.

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