BREAKING: Mueller Makes Grand Jury Announcement That Has Don Jr. Sweating


Earlier in November, NBC News reported that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller had enough evidence to bring charges against former Lieutenant General and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Following his indictment of Manafort, Mueller has turned up the pressure on Flynn, and what he may know could be damaging to Trump and all of those involved with the Trump campaign.

Now, a few weeks later, CNN reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has postponed the Grand Jury testimony which was expected to begin shortly linked to his investigation of Michael Flynn. According to CNN:

‘Additional witnesses were expected to be questioned soon including a public relations consultant hired by Flynn’s lobbying firm who was given an early December date deadline to appear before the grand jury, according to a person at the company.’

A source from Sphere Consulting, the firm where the consultant worked, said:

‘Time seems to be of the essence.’

The source said they weren’t given any particular reason for the delay, although this, along with Flynn’s attornies ceasing to share information with Trump’s legal team, is a sign that Mueller may have flipped Flynn. CNN reported:

‘Flynn’s attorney told Trump’s legal team last week that he would no longer share information about the investigation, a move that signals Flynn is beginning conversations with the government that could involve a plea deal or a cooperation agreement.’

Flynn met with Mueller’s team on Monday, which is another sign that a plea deal could take place soon. Mueller is looking into Flynn’s previously undisclosed work as a foreign agent of Turkey. Flynn did not disclose this until after he was Trump’s national security adviser. Mueller has also been investigating Flynn’s and his son’s roles in being offered as much as $15 million dollars to forcibly remove a Muslim cleric living in the U.S. Flynn denied any wrongdoing related to the matter.

ABC News reported on what would likely happen in the process, if a plea deal is in the making:

‘That process would typically include a series of off-the-record discussions in which prosecutors lay out in detail for Flynn and his lawyers the fruits of their investigation into his activities. Prosecutors would also provide Flynn an opportunity to offer what’s called a proffer, detailing what information, if any, he has that could implicate others in wrongdoing.’

The White House has sought to distance itself from Flynn’s actions. According to The Atlantic:

‘Whether a Flynn indictment is sealed or still forthcoming, any charges would make the administration’s situation, already complex, even more headache-inducing. ‘

David A. Graham, writer for The Atlantic went on to say:

‘Moreover, a Flynn investigation would move things much closer to Trump himself. The president distanced himself from Manafort—former Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed he played a “very limited role” in the campaign—but not from Flynn.’

Additionally, no one should forget that Trump himself once asked FBI director James Comey to make the Flynn investigation go away. Mueller is looking into this request, which was revealed in one of Comey’s memos, as an attempt to obstruct justice.

This is what Twitter had to say:

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