Trump Throws Late-Night Twitter Tantrum About ‘Obstructionist Dems’ Like A Senile Old Man


Donald Trump is “like, a smart person.” He may not have know “that healthcare could be so complicated,” but he understands his new tax bill and anyone who criticizes it just isn’t as smart as he is.

Even outside of Democratic members of Congress, Trump’s tax bill is unpopular. The Congressional Budget Office released a damaging report after analyzing the bill.

‘The proposed Senate Republican tax bill would increase the nation’s deficit by more than $1.4 trillion over the next decade and disproportionately hit lower-income taxpayers, according to a new Congressional Budget Office analysis.’

Independent economic analysts have also spoken out against the bill, according to ABC News.

‘Both economists expressed concern over the plan’s potential to increase the national debt, which could offset the benefits the Trump administration is hoping for.

‘Gale told ABC News that the report leaves out the outcome of higher deficits, which could raise interest rates and hurt investments.’

The Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan organization, also reviewed the bill negatively, according to NBC News.

‘The top 1 percent of earners would reap the lion’s share of benefits under a new tax cut proposal unveiled by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans this week, according to analysis by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center released Friday.’

Surely it’s the Congressional Budget Office and independent economists who don’t understand this bill, because they aren’t as smart as Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton and George Soros probably paid all of those organizations to destroy Trump and replace him in the White House. They may even be doing it to cover for Hillary’s emails and the Uranium One scandal.

Twitter wasn’t impressed by Trump’s rant, either.

Featured image via Getty/Whitney Curtis

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