James Comey Wages War On Trump With Response To Mental Breakdowns On Twitter


Despite numerous warnings that Trump is mentally unstable and completely incapable of discerning truth from fiction, the man was elected to the White House and now has access to the nuclear codes. In the midst of that insanity, former FBI Director James Comey has become a master of taking the high road on Twitter while cutting through the ridiculousness of Trump’s embarrassing and frightening misrepresentations of the truth.

In a week in which Trump has revived a years-old email scandal against Hillary Clinton (a former political rival who is now just a private citizen), spread a non-scandal implicating MSNBC morning news show host Joe Scarborough for nothing less than murder, endlessly attacked the free press who dares to question his policies, and fueled his rabidly racist base by retweeting a white supremacist group in attacks on Muslims (and it’s only Thursday), Comey’s voice is the sane note America needs to make sense of this increasingly bizarre moment in history.

No matter how hard Trump tries to twist and divert the truth, Comey has been unafraid to speak up against his insanity while never stooping to Trump’s level and calling him out by name. Even under scrutiny by a Senate panel over his firing, Comey held to his principles and called Trump out for his abuses of power and obstruction of justice.

‘[During a dinner with Trump, the] president begins by wanting to talk about my job. And so I’m sitting there thinking, wait a minute, three times we’ve already — you’ve asked me to stay or talked about me staying. I could be wrong, but my commonsense told me what’s going on here is, he’s looking to get something in exchange for granting my requests to stay in the job.’

Trump has continued to attack Comey since firing him for his refusal to “let this thing go” with Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, after it was revealed that Flynn broke the law by lying under oath about negotiating with Russian government officials before Trump’s inauguration.

For the record, there are no secret tapes of Comey’s dinner with President Trump (which he was forced to admit after misleading the public about those non-existent recording), Comey did not “leak” anything classified by making his memo following that dinner public since Trump had already discussed the contents of that meeting publicly, and there has been no “complete vindication” that has freed Trump from an investigation that is now led by an independent counsel into Trump’s alleged campaign collusion with Russian government operatives. It is easy to see from Trump’s tweets, however, the reasons why Comey feels compelled to talk about truth in the age of Trump.

With a calm voice of reason, James Comey has become an unwitting hero at a time when truth is no longer a concrete concept and the president of the United States has no problem twisting it to his own advantage despite the damage he does to the American people.

Comey’s Twitter followers were delighted with his even-handed yet cutting approach to Trump’s insanity.

Featured image via Getty/NurPhoto

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