Trump Just Told A Huge Lie To The American Public About His Anti-Muslim Tweets


Trump has been receiving a lot of heavy criticism about some Anti-Muslim videos he shared via Twitter Wednesday morning, and understandably so. He chose to retweet three inflammatory videos from a British far-right account. According to CNN:

‘The videos, posted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, a far-right and ultra-nationalist political group, depict purported Muslims assaulting people and, in one video, smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary.’

Trump’s actions angered British officials who expected something much different from their American ally. CNN reported:

‘Trump, who has previously warned that immigration from Muslim-majority nations threatens European and US security, frequently retweets other messages whose political views he finds favorable.

‘But he has seldom shared messages as offensive and explosive as he did on Wednesday, and the retweets were immediately met with outrage in the United Kingdom and resulted in a rare rebuke from the British government toward its American ally.’
On Thursday, the most ridiculous explanation for the president’s sharing of the videos came from White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders said that Trump did not know the Muslim videos he retweeted were initially posted by a far-right, ultranationalist U.K. figure.
When Sanders was grilled about the matter and asked if Trump realized that Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the Britain First group posted them, she responded that he did not. Sanders said:
‘No, I don’t believe so. But I think he knew what the issues are, and that is that we have a real threat of extreme violence and terrorism, not just in this country but across the globe, particularly in Europe.’

Sanders told a group of reporters:

‘I think his goal is to promote strong borders and strong national security.’
Trump’s retweet got a large reaction from Fransen herself who wrote in all capital letters:
Sanders claims that by sharing the videos, Trump served to “elevate the conversation” around terrorism. Sanders continued saying:
‘The president feels strongly about talking about and bringing up as an issue every day. We’re looking the best ways to protect Americans.’

A spokesperson for the British Prime Minister Theresa May accused Trump of spreading:
‘Hate-filled narratives to peddle lies and stoke tensions.’
Theresa May herself addressed the incident while on a diplomatic trip to Jordan, saying that it was:
‘Very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do.’

According to POLITICO:

‘Among the videos shared by Fransen was one depicting a young man beating another, accompanied by the label “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches.” The Dutch embassy in Washington later said the man portrayed committing violent acts in the clip was not a migrant but was born and raised in the Netherlands.’
Clearly, something needs to be done. These are serious actions on the part of the president of the United States and the White House needs to stop standing for the bigotry that has been happening on almost a daily basis since the man has been elected. The American people have had enough and so has the rest of the world.
Here is what Twitter had to say:
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