Angry Driver Protests Trump’s Motorcade Like Every American Wants To (DETAILS)


Just a few weeks ago, a woman gave Trump the middle finger after following his motorcade on her bicycle. Newsweek reported regarding the woman’s intentions, saying:

 ‘None of this is clear, except for the cyclist’s intention to give nobody else but Trump the middle finger during his trip home to the White House.’

The cyclist also ended up losing her job over her actions. On Halloween, she told her bosses she was the woman in the photo and they immediately took her into a room and fired her. However, that wasn’t the end of it because she ended up getting $100,000 in donations plus a job offer.

Now, it appears that a similar incident happened towards the end of November, one that was seemingly a bit scarier than the woman on her bicycle. According to POLITICO:

‘A driver attempted to cut into President Donald Trump’s motorcade on Saturday before law enforcement pulled over his van in Florida, where the president is spending this holiday weekend.’

A White House pool report said:

‘At one point a man in a red van attempted to cut into the motorcade. Local law enforcement pulled over the vehicle, where the driver made obscene gestures and screamed several expletives.’

 Trump spent the morning at Trump International Golf Course and was leaving to return to Mar-a-Lago when the incident occurred. Also along the motorcade route were small groups of supporters and protesters.

According to New York Daily News, one of the protesters held a sign that said “Don the Con Man” while many supporters waved signs as well. Hilariously, one read:

‘I support Pres. Trump bigly.’

Other incidents have happened in relation to Trump’s motorcade. POLITICO reported:

Another incident occurred when a police officer was injured while riding a motorcycle in Trump’s motorcade in September during a visit to Indiana. This caused the president to delay his motorcade and he spoke with the police officer via cell phone before returning to Washington.

Here is what Twitter had to say about the van driver incident on Saturday:

A detailed graphic from The Atlantic explains exactly how a presidential motorcade works and why it is necessary. The president can be situated anywhere in the motorcade or even flying in the air above it. The president’s motorcade includes 40-50 vehicles leading or following the presidential car, and those vehicles are followed by another group of vehicles called the “Secure Package.”

The “Secure Package” forms another protective layer around the president that can break away from the rest of the motorcade and work independently if it comes under attack and is needed. According to

‘At the front of this pack is a special car, which carries radio frequency masts on its roof to scramble any potential remotely-activated bombs.

‘As well as secret agents, bodyguards and police, this bubble of cars also contains the President’s doctor in case of an emergency, and a military aide.

‘In case of attack, the car carries grenades, a tear gas cannon, shotguns and two litres of the blood that is the same type as the President’s.’

There are also two identical bulletproof limousines, to make it harder to detect which one the president is traveling in. The press pool travels to the rear of the president along with more secret service agents and police officers trailing the end.

Featured image by Kyodo News via Getty Images

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