Harvard Psychiatrist Reveals Terrifying Analysis Of Trump’s Declining Mental Health


Mental health experts are banding together, going against their usual meet and greet to assess an individual.  And wake up America we have a winner!

During an interview last night on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Dr. Lance Dodes, a Harvard psychiatrist, described the psychotic tendencies  of  President Donald Trump and warned the U.S. Congress how extremely dangerous that can be.

The delusional mental state of President Donald Trump is evident as he backpedals in regards to the Access Hollywood tapes. First President Trump admits the tape is real, he then makes a public apology concerning his “locker room talk.” Then he proclaims they are fake, and then questions whether or not it is his own voice on the video.  During Monday’s airing of Access Hollywood, host Natalie Morales said, “Let us make this perfectly clear: The tape is very real.” Really? Is there nothing he won’t try to get away with?

There have been several recent accusations of sexual assault and harassment by various high-profile influential individuals including Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, Democrat John Conyers. and a Republican candidate for Senate from Alabama, Roy S. Moore.  Republican Roy S. Moore has denied accusations of inappropriate behaviour involving teenage girls, and President Trump said he believed him and has continued to endorse him as a candidate.

President Donald Trump is still questioning the authenticity of former U.S President Obama’s birth certificate. Once again, President Trump admited Obama is a United States citizen, and recently he has reversed back to his original thoughts of Obama’s birth certificate being unproven.  According to Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Lance Dodes, he described President Donald Trump as, “being close to psychosis when he is stressed.”

President Trumps recent retweets caused tea cups to rattle in Britain’s House of Parliament. Another sign of President Trump’s mental state is that he aligns himself with racists and extremists of anti-muslim propaganda. President Trump tweeted out his support.

President Donald Trump is constantly leaving Americans in a state of shock and disbelief. Saying whatever is convenient at the time, with no regard to how it will threaten his continued role as president, the national security of the United States, and even the democracy. During the interview, Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Lance Dodes suggested that President Donald Trump is “not at all clever,” but has an ability to charm his supporters with his charisma and make them believe he is not mentally ill.  Dr. Lance Dodes stated:

‘The worst possible case for America to have somebody who is not grossly psychotic—which everyone would know and throw them out—but close enough with a veneer to get by.  That’s Donald Trump . . . He’s villainous because of his sociopath and psychopathy, but with a tremendous veneer which he is extremely good at.’

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, is a book published by top psychiatrists to try to open the eyes of its citizens, and reminds Congress of their powers to impeach and the Cabinet of their ability to vote for the 25th Amendment. 

Featured Image via screenshot from the video

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