Trump Goes On Belligerent Friday AM Mega Rant About ‘Killer Of Kate’ Like A Mental Case


Trump’s agenda for Friday has one objective: distract from the breaking news that came out on Thursday night. With no possible way to call that news a “witch hunt” or to blame Democrats, the only other option is to simply pretend it doesn’t exist. Instead, Trump focused on blaming everyone he can think of for illegal immigration and a failure to just shove his disastrous tax reform bill through Congress.

Although the news on Thursday night focused on the president’s attempts to obstruct justice after lawmakers in the U.S. Congress were forced to admit that Trump badgered them to end the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, he instead ranted on Friday about illegal immigration and his tax reform bill, topics he was sure he could blame on everyone other than himself.

The man used during the 2016 elections to represent the terrifying criminality of every single undocumented immigrant in the U.S., Garcia Zarate, was acquitted of murder on Thursday. Trump tried to paint him as a repeatedly violent man who proves that all brown people coming into the U.S. are just as bad as Trump said they were when his racist base cheered on a border wall, the truth is that while Zarate had illegally entered the country numerous times, he had no record of violence and a jury found that there was no evidence that proved he intentionally murdered his victim. There was also no reason to use Zarate’s race or immigration status in the case.

The public defender who represented Zarate, Francisco Ugarte, pointed out this fact when speaking to reporters following the verdict.

‘From day one, this case was used as a means to foment hate, to foment division and to foment a program of mass deportation. Nothing about Mr. Garcia Zarate’s ethnicity, nothing about his immigration status, nothing about the fact that he is born in Mexico had any relevance as to what happened on July 1, 2015.’
Even more appropriately, the chief attorney on Zarate’s case, Matt Gonzalez, reminded the president that he may soon be availing himself of the same protections provided by the U.S. legal justice system that so anger him in Zarate’s case.
‘For those who might criticize the verdict, there are a number of people that have commented on this case in the last couple years, the attorney general of the United States, the President and the Vice President of the United States (Mike Pence). Let me just remind them that they are themselves under investigation by a special prosecutor in Washington DC, and they may themselves, soon avail themselves of the presumptions of innocence and the beyond a reasonable doubt standard and so I would ask them to reflect on that before they comment or disparage the result in this case.’
Zarate was convicted of being in possession of an illegal firearm, for which he will be sentenced and deported. Meanwhile, criminal Trump and his criminal administration are still in the White House attempting to pass a tax bill that will harm the American people while thumbing their noses at Democrats and taunting that they’re just jealous of Trump’s greatness.
Twitter was similarly angered by Trump’s tweets.

Featured image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm

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