Paranoid White House Sends Kushner To Do Secretary Of State Tillerson’s Job (DETAILS)


Donald Trump’s job description for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, included bringing peace to the Middle East. Unfortunately, the president’s senior adviser has been stepping all over the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Even though Kushner has never worked in government and his experience has been only in real estate and one publication, his father-in-law tasked him with a number of other startling responsibilities. These included:

  • Diplomacy with Mexico
  • Diplomacy with China
  • Solving the opioid crisis
  • Reforming the Veterans Administration
  • Completely transforming the entire government into a business operation

Bloomberg reported that Kushner has been meeting with the new leader of Saudi Arabia with the idea of building an entirely new state or territory. Several mid-eastern countries will work to create the new entity.

One of Trump’s major points at his campaign rallies was to a promise to accomplish something no other president has been able to accomplish. He plans to create peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

What the president failed to understand was that he already had a chief politician, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The secretary has been rightfully worried about Kushner’s private meetings with the new crown prince. After the senior adviser had a secret meeting with the prince, His Royal Majesty arrested a slew of important Saudi people.

Reuters wrote in November that it was the biggest “purge” in recent Saudi history:

‘A campaign of mass arrests of Saudi Arabian royals, ministers and businessmen expanded on Monday after a top entrepreneur was reportedly detained in the biggest anti-corruption purge of the kingdom’s affluent elite in its modern history.’

The prince described the crackdown as “phase one.” That leads the the question, how many phases does the prince have in mind and how serious are they?

Tillerson is worried about how secretive Kushner has been about his mid-eastern talks and that he has not considered the unintended consequences. The inexperienced real estate mogul may increase conflict in the region.


Thus far, the president’s son-in-law has gone to Saudi Arabia a number of times. Although, Kushner does go to the State Department with updates on how the negotiations are going, Tillerson fears the younger man is not being totally forthright. Tillerson has been most concerned about the private talks in Saudi Arabia that hit the news before they hit Tillerson’s desk.

News agencies announced Thursday that the man in the Oval Office had already found a replacement for Tillerson, the current CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Should that happen, the Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas would replace Pompeo at the CIA.

Both Donald Trump and the State Department denounced the report. However, Tillerson believes that Kushner is the one pushing him out of the State Department, Bloomberg reported.

According to The New York Times, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at a briefing:

‘There are no personnel announcements at this time. When the president loses confidence in someone, they will no longer serve in the capacity that they’re in. The president was here today with the secretary of state. They engaged in a foreign leader visit and are continuing to work together to close out what we’ve seen to be an incredible year.’

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