REVEALED: Special Counsel Mueller Is After Jared Kushner, Witnesses Report


Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team have been successful in their efforts to “flip” former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who took a lenient plea deal in exchange for continuing to cooperate with Mueller about the Russia investigation. It is well-known by now that Flynn holds substantial information.

Mueller is not going about this investigation sloppily either. He seems to have a very specific process he is following. According to The Washington Post, the special counsel is using “a secretive nerve center.” Mueller’s team is now on to Jared Kushner and is conducting a very pointed and tense investigation about his involvement with Michael Flynn.

According to The Washington Post:

‘The ensnaring of Flynn, the second former aide to President Trump to cooperate with the inquiry, serves as the latest indication that Mueller’s operation is rapidly pursuing an expansive mission, drilling deeper into Trump’s inner circle.’

The Post reported about how Mueller and his prosecutors question witnesses:

‘Once inside, most witnesses are seated in a windowless conference room where two- and three-person teams of FBI agents and prosecutors rotate in and out, pressing them for answers. Among the topics that have been of keen interest to investigators: how foreign government officials and their emissaries contacted Trump officials, as well as the actions and interplay of Flynn and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law.’

Mueller is being methodical in his approach hoping it will bring the fruits he is expecting. One of the most important pieces of information he is hoping to obtain is whether Flynn recommended specific foreign meetings to senior aides especially Kushner.

The Post wrote:

‘Investigators were particularly interested in how certain foreign officials got on Kushner’s calendar and the discussions that Flynn and Kushner had about those encounters, according to people familiar with the questions.’

Witnesses are shocked at just how many questions they are being asked about Kushner. One witness said:

‘I remember specifically being asked about Jared a number of times.’

The Post also reported:

‘Another witness said agents and prosecutors repeatedly asked him about Trump’s decision-making during the May weekend he decided to fire FBI Director James B. Comey. Prosecutors inquired whether Kushner had pushed the president to jettison Comey, according to two people familiar with the interview.’

These questions about Kushner show that Mueller’s team seems to be heavily focusing on making a case for obstruction of justice by the Trump administration. White House lawyer Ty Cobb said:

‘At the end of the interviews, it would be reasonable to expect that it would not take long to bring this to conclusion. I commend the Office of Special Counsel for their acknowledged hard work on behalf of the country, to undertake this serious responsibility, and to perform it in an expedited but deliberate, thorough way.’

As far as the number of witnesses interviewed, The Post wrote:

‘At least two dozen people who traveled in Trump’s orbit in 2016 and 2017 — on the campaign trail, in his transition operation and then in the White House — have been questioned in the past 10 weeks, according to people familiar with the interviews.’

This tweets sums it up though. On Saturday, Trump basically gave Mueller his biggest Christmas gift yet.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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