Trump Breaks His Silence On Flynn Plea Deal, ‘No Collusion!’ (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has been furious that his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, betrayed him. The silence from the White House was deafening after Flynn walked into the court-house to plead guilty in a plea agreement. Now, the president is speaking out.

The New York Post reported that Trump had been worried about his former national security adviser would flip to make a better deal since before Thanksgiving. His fear was that Flynn would flip on him to save his own neck and that of his son, Michael G. Flynn.

Yet, when his fears came true, the president was dumbfounded and furious. The only people outside of his family that Trump has been loyal to are his national security adviser and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Apparently, the man in the Oval Office believed in his heart of hearts that Flynn would choose him over his own family.

The commander-in-chief tried to block the former FBI director, James Comey, from investigating Flynn. Then, when he did not, Trump fired Comey. The president also pressured the Senate and House committees investigating the connection between Russia and his presidential campaign.

An administration official and two of Trump’s friends outside of the White House told The Daily Beast that Trump said that it looked as if Flynn “had turned on me.” The president felt both angry and betrayed.

During Trump’s Thanksgiving speech in front of the US Coast Guard, he sent Flynn a veiled message, The New York Post reported:

‘You never know about an ally. An ally can turn.’

The sitting president changed his approach to dealing with the Flynn plea agreement Saturday, when he first addressed this issue directly. The former national security adviser pled guilty to lying to the FBI in January, which is a felony offense. Flynn told the FBI that he only called the former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislya extend his well wishes for a happy holiday.

Then, Flynn said that he also extended his sympathies for a Russian plane that crashed, killing the government choir.

Unfortunately for the former national security director, the FBI had recorded all five calls to the Russian ambassador. They occurred on the very same day that President Barack Obama sanctioned Russia for interfering with the U.S. presidential elections.

Reporters asked Donald Trump whether he was concerned about what kind of deal Flynn might have made with special Counsel Robert Mueller. The president responded, according to Reuters:

‘No, I am not.’

The president was leaving Washington, D.C.for a day trip to New York City. He added that in regard to Mueller’s investigation into Russia working with his campaign, Reuters reported:

‘There has been absolutely no collusion.’

After Flynn walked into court Friday, the prosecution charged him with lying about his communication with Kislyak during the transition. The New York Post reported that Mueller said that he:

‘Willfully and knowingly (made) false, fictitious and fraudulent statements.’

Flynn may well be the link to charging Trump with obstructing justice by firing Comey.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Mark Wilson.

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