Trump Jumps Out Of Bed To Tweet About ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ Like A Sad Little Clown (TWEETS)


No matter how much evidence is released, Trump will never admit that his presidency is on very thin ice. With four campaign officials indicted and two already pleading guilty, his entire administration is on the verge of collapse. Still, he will be yelling “fake news” even when he’s being dragged out of the White House for colluding with Russia to undermine American democracy.

While ABC News’s error certainly needed a correction, they did offer one. They wrote an apology and fixed the error. The president, a man who tells an average of five lies to the American public every day, has never done so.

He has not apologized or corrected his lie about Muslim citizens cheering in droves the day that the World Trade Center went down. He has never apologized for saying Ted Cruz’s father was involved in JFK’s death or that Joe Scarborough covered up a murder. He will never correct his statements on why he fired James Comey or admit that he attempted to obstruct justice for Michael Flynn.

He has a lot of nerve calling anyone “fake news.”

Twitter reminded Trump of all his own lies and that it’s just a matter of time before he’s exposed.

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson



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