Trump Taunted By Protesters In NYC After Flynn Plea Deal, This Is What Karma Looks Like


Donald Trump got a lot of pleasure from his rally crowds and their thunderous response to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Now the tables have turned, and he is not amused.

The president traveled to his home, New York City, Saturday for several GOP events. His donors should be standing with their wallets wide open after the Republicans passed a horrendous transfer of wealth bill. The reverse Robin Hood plan, conducts the largest shift from the middle and lower-income brackets to the top one percenters in history.

As Trump’s motorcade moved through the streets of his home town, crowds lined the street expressing their anger at him:

‘Trump motorcade arriving to chants of “Lock Him Up” in NYC.’


Trump’s children will receive a cool $1 billion from the inheritance tax change.

During the president’s trip to New York, CBS reported that he attends:

‘(A) a holiday lunch and a roundtable discussion with Republican National Committee supporters.’


The Tax Cut and Jobs Act was Trump’s first legislative accomplishment of any significance. It was also a replay of Presidents Ronald Reagan’s and George W. Bush’s trickle-down economy that brought the country to its economic knees. Never mind that the GOP’s last financial exercise in futility would have taken the U.S. into a second Great Depression, if President Barack Obama had not intervened.

The tax cut pushes the national debt into at least another $1 trillion and possible $2 trillion dollars in debt. Apparently, Republicans only care about the national debt when a Democrat is in the White House. This bill has an historically low approval rating among the public.

The Congressional Budget Office proved how badly people will do. The bill takes money away from house mortgage interest and student loan deductions. It also cuts into Medicaid and Medicare. The Republican’s diabolic plan is to shortchange the economy then claim the social services, including Social Security, must be whittled away.

Vanity Fair tongue-in-cheek reported that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s “dog ate his tax plan analysis” for the tax bill. Mnuchin repeatedly claimed that he had delegated 100 staff members working “around the clock” to prepare this vital analysis. A member of his department blew the whistle on him, saying that they never even started working on one.


Featured Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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