Trump Wakes Up At 5 AM After Flynn Plea Deal And Tweets Nonsense Like A Frightened Puppy (TWEETS)


Donald Trump is having the weirdest week ever. On the verge of finally passing a piece of legislation after nearly a full year in office, his former national security adviser (who served for all of 25 days before resigning in disgrace) pled guilty to lying to the FBI and told reporters that he is ready to testify that Trump himself ordered him to break the law.

Instead of his regular “fake news” and “witch hunt” rants, none of which he’s able to pass off on the American people now that his administration is sinking under the weight of the Mueller investigation and none of the normal spin about Flynn being a “low level unpaid volunteer” works anymore, he instead tweeted about his disastrous tax bill that he had to lie about repeatedly because it was so bad.

Utterly ignoring the dumpster fire the White House is becoming, Trump repeated his wild lies about his terrible tax bill, calling it again the “biggest tax cuts in history” (it’s not), to cover what is reported to be his absolute outrage over Flynn’s plea deal.

While the bill was being debated on the Senate floor, Trump felt compelled to share a video of a letter signed by 137 “economists” who contradicted the Congressional Budget Office, the Joint Committee on Taxation, and even the AARP, all of whom analyzed the bill and warned of its potential to seriously harm the economy and the American people.

The letter is just as fake as Trump’s orange tan and the dead animal pelt on top of his head. When fact-checked, the 137 economists turned out to be people who aren’t qualified to speak on a tax bill at all.

‘A review of the economists listed on the letter reveals a number of discrepancies, including economists that are supposedly still academics but are actually retired, and others who have never been employed as economists. One might not even exist.’

The signatories checked out to be made up names, “a low-level office assistant,” a fake economist who was “convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for forging a judicial signature and falsifying other documents,” and an “in-house economist with Bank of America.”

When positive reviews of a tax bill requires making up supporters, the bill is truly bad.

Twitter reminded Trump what’s really on America’s mind on Saturday morning.

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson

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