Trump Has Total Sunday AM Meltdown As Flynn Cooperation Sinks In; Donald In Full Panic


Donald Trump is so close to being indicted for federal crimes that he is literally losing his mind, and the proof is all over his Twitter page. Sunday morning, Trump showed just how bad the Flynn charges are messing with his head when he went on a psychotic multi-tweet rant about any and everything, but mainly about how unfair he’s been treated for trying to ruin the United States of America for good.

How could we ever be respected again?

The spray-tanned senior citizen started at about 4a.m. with this lovely tirade about how much of a liar James Comey is. Trump wants to make his uneducated followers believe he is the target of a witch hunt because he knows they swallow anything he says, and the dumber, the better.

Trump tweeted the following complete and utter lie:

Like James Comey is going to risk his highly successful political career on the likes of this orange goon. Trump continued his Comey rant with this gem in which he reveals that he has no clue of the shady history of the FBI:

Trump also went on a retweeting binge with these most ridiculous messages:

The idiocy continues with this disgusting lie when the opioid epidemic is at an all-time high:

But it’s the retweet of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders Schmuckabee that takes the cake:

It really doesn’t get any dumber than this, folks. Trump is officially aware that he is, not only not going to be president much longer, but that he is likely going to prison for his actions since inauguration, and even for his actions during his 2016 presidential campaign.


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