Dems To Make Tuesday Push For Impeachment On The House Floor – It’s Really Happening


Donald Trump actively supported the Republican candidate for Alabama senator, even though the man has been accused of child molestation. Perhaps, that has something to do with the many women who have said that the president molested them. One of the women who brought suit against Trump was 13-years-old at the time of her alleged sexual abuse. People across the country, regardless of party, have begun to ask: Is there no morality in Washington, D.C.?

Democratic Representative Al Green of Texas stood on the House floor Tuesday, and in his speech, he notified his colleagues that he will force a vote to impeach the President of these United States on Wednesday.

Three influential Democrats asked Green to meet with them to further discuss the matter. Green said he planned to meet with Democratic representatives in his office, Newsweek reported:

‘I will tell them that impeachment is not about Democrats, that it’s not about Republicans. I will tell them that it is about democracy. It is about government of the people, by the people, for the people. I will tell them it is about the republic, it is about what (Benjamin) Franklin said, “We have a republic if we can keep it.”’

Green continued:

‘I refuse to sit on the sidelines while the world is considering one of the greatest issues of our time.’

At this point in time, there are probably not enough members in the House members who would vote to impeach the president, because it takes a majority. Many of the Republicans still are choosing to keep their donors who finance their positions of power, rather than lose even one vote. Even if the House moved a call for impeachment to the Senate, it takes a two-thirds vote there to remove the president.

When Republicans are not willing to denounce Alabama’s Roy Moore, it is not very likely that they would be willing to impeach the man who would sign their bills, such as the Trump Tax Bill, into law. Now, the GOP controls both houses and the presidency, which gives them the opportunity to push through any legislation they want.

Enough people will be disgusted with Donald Trump and the Republican’s tax give-away to the richest and the money-laden multi-national corporations, that Democrats may be able to take one, if not two, houses back in the 2018 elections.

Right now, Democrats are split on the issue of impeaching Trump, because many believe it is premature to talk about impeachment. They point to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s campaign colluding with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The president’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, just pled guilty Friday to the felony crime of lying to the FBI. He made a plea agreement with Mueller to cooperate with the investigation. Trump continues to deny any collusion.

According to Newsweek, Green previously criticized Trump as:

‘The chief inciter of racism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, ethnocentrism.’

In October, Green introduced impeachment articles. He did not make criminal accusations at the time, but he said then that Trump:

‘Brought disrepute on the presidency (and) undermined the integrity of his office.’

Tuesday, Green noted that this will be no small effort:

‘I will tell them that if a man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears.’

Five other House Democrats have introduced articles of impeachment in the past month. According to Newsweek, they are Representatives:

‘Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Adriano Espaillat of New York, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, and John Yarmuth of Kentucky.’

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