New 2020 Election Poll Shows Trump’s Base Shrinking – He’s Running Scared


Donald Trump said on the campaign trail that he could go into Times Square and shoot someone and get away with it. That might be true, given his die-hard base, but there is a change in the air that the president certainly will not like.

New allegations have come out that Vice President Mike Pence had tried to place himself in a spot where he could easily step into Trump’s Oval Office chair. Then-candidate Trump stepped off of the bus with Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush, and saddled himself with a permanent recording of sexual harassment. That was one of the moment’s Pence stood ambitiously at the front of the presidential line.

A new poll has come out from the Public Religion Research Institute that indicated that right at a third of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 say they would rather have a different Republican president in 2o20, according to NBC News.

That means three in 10 Republicans, or 31 percent, want the GOP to nominate a different candidate when the next presidential election comes around. A full 63 percent of Republicans claim that Trump running for reelection would be fine with them, in spite of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s  investigation into his campaign’s Russian ties.

The president’s base is rock solid, but the Republicans who chose one of his GOP primary contenders over Trump, 60 percent of his voters, want a different choice in 2020. Just 34 percent of these voters would choose the sitting president as their preferred nominee.

The survey indicated that the participant’s degree of attachment to the Republican Party is where the dividing line appeared. Approximately 75 percent of those who describe themselves as “strong” Republicans want Trump to be the candidate in 2020. Among those who did not strongly identify with Republicans, just 42 percent wanted him as their nominee.

Donald Trump does not consider himself the president of all Americans. Instead, he pits Republicans against Democrats. This polarization could cause him serious problems in the 2018 midterm election. Of all the voters who were surveyed, 44 percent said that they would support a Democratic candidate, should the election be held on the day they were surveyed. Only 37 percent would choose a Republican candidate.

Trump and the Republicans could lose both the House and the Senate in 2018.

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey showed that his base supporters in the 2016 Republican primary and those who would vote for him in 2020 make up 40 percent of Americans who are Republican or lean in that direction. Only 18 percent of the Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents refused to support Trump in 2016 primary and would refuse to support him in 2020.

The president’s overall approval rating in the study continued on at a historical low, at only 41 percent. A nearly identical percentage of all Americans, 40 percent, think Trump should be impeached and removed.

A remarkable 37 percent of those the PRRI study surveyed told interviewers that there was nothing the president could do to lose their support. One of Trump’s most loyal groups, white evangelical Protestants, made up 30 percent of that group.

Conversely, 61 percent of those who disapproved of the job Trump is doing as president said there is nearly nothing he could do to win their vote.

The PRRI survey consisted of a sample of 2,019 adults. They were interviewed between October 18 and October 30, 2017.

Check out Bill Maher’s video about 2020 below (language):

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