Sarah Sanders Makes Delusional, Possibly Incriminating Statements From WH Podium (VIDEO)


The Russia investigation, as led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is continuing to move forward this week, with a report having come out early Tuesday that Mueller had issued subpoenas for Trump family financial records at Deutsche Bank.

Now, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has proven to be a potent Trump Administration propagandist, is saying that she has somehow obtained information that the report about requests for Trump financial records is false.

At the Tuesday White House press briefing, Sanders told reporters:

‘No subpoena has been issued or received. We’ve confirmed this with the bank and other sources.’

Watch a short clip of Sanders’ comments below.

Sanders referenced a statement from conservative judicial activist turned Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, who stated, as reported by Reuters:

‘We have confirmed that the news reports that the Special Counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are false. No subpoena has been issued or received. We have confirmed this with the bank and other sources.’

It’s not immediately clear how exactly it is that the Trump team knows this; it’s not as though the White House provided the details of whoever they allegedly spoke to.  The Trump Administration is not supposed to be privy to the details of the investigation into itself; that was the whole problem when House Intelligence Committee Chairman and GOP Congressman Devin Nunes made apparent secret contact with the White House earlier this year, sharing Russia investigation-related information before he shared it with his committee.

It’s not as though this would be the first time that the Trump team was dead wrong about something.

Reuters reports that the source it was in contact with about the matter had a seemingly reasonable explanation for the subpoenas, saying that they were to uncover whether Deutsche Bank “sold some of Trump’s mortgage or other loans to Russian state development bank VEB or other Russian banks that now are under U.S. and European Union sanctions.” Deutsche Bank is one of the few lenders to consistently extend lines of credit to the Trump Organization over the years; as Reuters put it, “A string of bankruptcies at [Trump’s] hotel and casino businesses during the 1990s made most of Wall Street wary of extending him credit.”

As someone other than the first source put it to Reuters:

‘One obvious question is why Trump and those around him expressed interest in improving relations with Russia as a top foreign policy priority, and whether or not any personal considerations played any part in that.’

Although Trump has personally been silent on the reported subpoena, he has in the past indicated that he feels Mueller would cross a “red line” if he were to investigate his personal finances. Of course, his personal finances could be at least partly responsible for the blatantly obvious bias towards Russia on the part of the president, but contrary to his claims of innocence, Trump hasn’t proven himself open to due process in the past.

For instance, he abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey earlier this year, sparking allegations of obstruction of justice against himself.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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