Sen McCain Showed His True Colors & Twitter Destroyed Him For It (TWEETS)


What the Republicans in the House and the Senate have yet to learn is that the voters have been paying close attention to how their elected officials have been voting. As much as people admired Senator John McCain of Arizona for his dramatic down vote that saved ObamaCare in spite of him suffering from an aggressive form of brain cancer, they are extremely put out with him.

The Arizona rebel senator disappointed the public when he decided to support the draconian Trump Tax Bill. They had hopes that he would once again show that he could buck the Republican Party pressure and save the country from the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle and lower-income brackets to the one percenters.

Senate leaders rushed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act through the Senate in the dark of the night. Why? The longer it sees the light of day and the more people realize how truly terrible it is, the more likely they will react negatively. Already, people are protesting in the country’s city streets. The bill was so rushed that there were illegible scribbles in the margins.

The Republicans believe in Trickle Down economics, meaning give money to the rich and money-stuffed international corporations, and they will graciously return it to the people in the form of more and better jobs, higher wages, and a return of the middle class. Unfortunately, Trickle Down economics does not work. President Reagan tried it, then had to raise taxes. President George W. Bush tried it and brought on the Great Recession.


When the Republican rebel decided to vote for the Trump Tax Bill, the people who had admired him, showed their anger.  It was very apparent when the senator saw that he was only 74 Twitter followers away from his three-million mark and asked that people put him over the top.

The senator tweeted:

‘We’re only 74 Twitter followers away from 3M – spread the word & help us reach this big milestone!’

What happened next must have been a big surprise to McCain.

Thousands of people showed him their disgust with his ill-considered give-away to the wealthy by unfollowing him. This was bad news, because the number of people who follow a politician is political cash. As of this writing, the senator’s number has declined to 2,975,510 followers, which is a far cry from the 74 followers short of three million.


Twitter users reminded him of how much he had supported regular order in the Senate, meaning that both parties work together, hold hearings, and hammer out a bill that supports their voters’ best interests.

McCain was the Republican political Twitter winner in 2014 with 1.9 million people following him. Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey came in second with a substantial following of 1.5 million at the same time. Then, Booker rallied and moved ahead of McCain with a surprising 3.56 Twitter followers, according to Business Insider.

The real Twitter king, though, is Independent senator and 2016 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, with an astounding 8.6 Twitter followers.

One of McCain’s former followers wrote:

‘Did he think there would be no consequences to his vote?”

Another one tweeted:

‘Went to unfollow straight away. He will not care. But still, felt good.’


Featured Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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