Trump Slurs Entire Wednesday Speech In Most Jacked Up Version Of Donald Ever Seen


Donald Trump is not well this morning. Upon addressing the nation Wednesday afternoon, the president’s behavior was extremely bizarre. In an almost unintelligible Israel/Palestine speech, Trump slurred his words and spoke as though intoxicated. It is unknown what medications Trump is currently on, but with the overwhelming amount of stress from his impending impeachment and possible indictment, one can easily gather that he must be doing something to keep calm.

(Screenshot via Twitter)

This is, by far, the most jacked up version of Trump we have ever seen, and we have seen some pretty covfefe sh*t.

Judge for yourself how intoxicated the president is in the snippet:

Now, that could have easily just been a slip of the tongue, but in this next clip you can see that the slurring was actually a real problem throughout the speech.

The reactions on this tweet expressed the same confusion:


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