JUST IN: Former Top GOP Chairman Convicted Of Voter Fraud (DETAILS)


In recent years, the GOP has made voter fraud one of its key issues. The threat of voter fraud is the party’s justification for supporting stronger voter ID despite the fact that such laws tend to depress voter turn out among the poor, minorities and the elderly. That’s why it is so ironic that the former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party has been found guilty of voter fraud. Perhaps, instead of worry about stricter voter ID laws, the GOP should focus on ensuring its own leadership does not try to cheat the system as Steve Curtis did.

Many people took to Twitter to express their disgust, and apparent lack of surprise, that this happened. Though, it is rather ironic that it comes from the party which prides itself on law and order.

A few others also jumped in, noting the irony of a GOP official being convicted of voter fraud.

Some on Twitter started calling the GOP the party of projection arguing that they often did what they accused others of doing.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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