Polls Show Majority Of Americans Feel Trump Should Resign For This One Reason (DETAILS)


It comes as no surprise that Trump’s approval ratings are at an historic low. No president in the history of polling has ever sunk to such levels as Trump in just 320 days in office. A new poll, however, shows surprising results when a specific question about Trump’s tenure and whether or not it’s time for it to end is including in the polling.

Most sane Americans are critical of Trump’s actions as president. His attempts to take away healthcare after promising a better plan to help more Americans, his non-response to Puerto Rico’s suffering after Hurricane Maria, his endless embarrassing actions on the world stage, and his bombastic, insulting tweets that could easily start another war have a majority of Americans ready to throw in the towel on this presidency.

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However, it is one specific question that makes up voters’ minds in regards to whether or not he should immediately resign. In this watershed moment of brave survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment coming forward to create real change in the issues women face at work, in the home, and in all areas of their everyday lives, 66 percent of voters polled felt that it is time for any elected official to resign over allegations that they have perpetrated those crimes against women.

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The numbers show almost no divide by region. Even in the South, the 66 percent of those who feel elected officials should resign over allegations of this nature. There is, however, a sharp divide by political affiliation, race, and gender.

Although 62 percent of Americans who identify as white answered in the affirmative when the question of whether or not an official should resign over sexual assault allegations, 81 percent of black voters and 70 percent of Hispanic voters feel that they should. Unsurprisingly, the divide is even more sharp between men and women. 74 percent of women think officials like Donald Trump, with 16 accusers, should resign. Only 57 percent of men feel the same.

TIME magazine covered the growing calls for change with their Person of the Year issue, in which a small few of “The Silence Breakers” of the #MeToo movement were featured on the cover.

‘This reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight. But it has actually been simmering for years, decades, centuries. Women have had it with bosses and co-workers who not only cross boundaries but don’t even seem to know that boundaries exist. They’ve had it with the fear of retaliation, of being blackballed, of being fired from a job they can’t afford to lose. They’ve had it with the code of going along to get along. They’ve had it with men who use their power to take what they want from women. These silence breakers have started a revolution of refusal, gathering strength by the day, and in the past two months alone, their collective anger has spurred immediate and shocking results: nearly every day, CEOs have been fired, moguls toppled, icons disgraced. In some cases, criminal charges have been brought.’

Among Republicans and Democrats, the divide is nearly equally as sharp. 77 percent of registered Democrats draw a red line at sexual assault as unacceptable behavior for an elected leader. Only 51 percent of Republicans feel the same. This is unsurprising considering that Democratic officials who have been accused in recent days, including Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Al Franken (D-MN), have been met with overwhelming calls by their colleagues to resign.

Meanwhile, Republicans elected Donald Trump to the presidency and are backing an accused pedophile from Alabama, Roy Moore, for a Senate seat.

No matter how unsatisfied American voters are with Donald Trump, one thing cannot be denied. A majority of Americans, and a vast majority of women, are no longer going to tolerate sexual assault among their elected leaders or anyone else.

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