Trump Hawking Tacky Christmas Ornament & The Internet Reaction Is Beyond Hilarious


The presidency is a huge money bag for Donald Trump and his family. Yet, the $1 billion inheritance tax break for his kids and his $31 million minimum tax cut in the Trump Tax Bill simply are not enough gold for this president. Now, he is hawking a tacky, tacky-unchic bobble for Christmas aka the Holiday Season.

The Resistance, ever on the Trump watch, made a remarkable discovery. Its members found the president using his office to market to the masses, once again. Plus, this tiny, tiny gift only sets the misguided back $149, or approximately what they will receive from the Trump Tax Bill over the next decade.

The man in the Oval Office is offering his “Trump Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament” made out of brass and “finished in 14 karat gold,” of course. The marketing tag on Amazon reads:

‘This ornament is sure to make any tree stand out.’

Yes, but stand out and do what? The Resistance in one of its finest hours managed to describe some of the funniest results of the season in their customer reviews.

Scroll on down to the customer reviews section on the Amazon MAGA ornament site, and wait for it. A full 77 percent of the reviewers gave the MAGA ornament a one-star rating. That is bad. No, that is good because that is where the Resistance raised its hilarious and brilliant head.

Here are some of Amazon’s top reviews:

‘I think it tried to deport the figures in our nativity scene.’

‘I had requested a different ornament, but for some reason, my college elected to get this one in its place. I don’t understand. The other ornament wasn’t perfect, but it was perfectly qualified for its position on my tree, much more qualified than the one I ended up with.’

‘For some reason after adorning our Christmas tree with this as a joke, the tree took on a life of its own and kept trying to grope the cat. This ornament is a bad hombre.’

‘I put this on my shelf next to my Russian nesting doll ornaments, which have embraced it with open arms and tiny hands. Unfortunately the ornament has random nonsensical outbursts, so out to the garbage it went.’

‘Not happy. We hung it on the tree, and within minutes it worked its way up the branches and assaulted the 14-year-old angel on the top.’

‘I put this on my tree and the next morning I found all the ornaments of color on the floor. Now for some strange reason the colored lights will not work. Will be returning it.’

‘Received as a gift. Put it on the tree and immediately became racist, sexist, and stupid. Can’t find the colored ornaments. 1 star. Trust me.’

‘Fantastic! I heard this ornament was being considered for “Ornament of the Year” by Ornament Magazine, but they wanted a long interview and photo session, so it said “No Thanks.” SAD!’

The Trump ornament really should come with a warning: Keep mistletoe in another room, away from the Trump ornament at all times. Actually, the directions might say that, but they are written in Chinese.

Of course, if you want to dress up for the holidays, there is always the lovely white cap the Donald wore to tour the hurricane damage in Houston, Texas. It goes with everything from casual to formal.

The people who saw Trump’s tacky hat ornament had some very funny responses of their own:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Scott Gries.

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