Alabama Poll Results Released Day Before Election Has Roy Moore Ready To Wig


The Alabama Senate election will take place on Tuesday, December 12. This election is steeped in controversy as Republican candidate Roy Moore has continued his campaign despite several allegations of sexual assault of teenage girls when he was in his 30’s.

Moore repeatedly denied the accusations, but GOP members continued to support him especially President Trump himself, in hopes that it would give Moore the edge he needs to win the race.

Twitter responded to the above question:

A new Fox News Poll has just been released and it appears that Moore may not be able to save himself after all. The latest poll has Democratic candidate Doug Jones winning by ten points. This has been a heated battle in a strongly conservative Republican state.

Table via Fox News

According to Fox News:

‘Greater party loyalty plus higher interest in the election among Democrats combined with more enthusiasm among Jones supporters gives him the advantage in the race to fill the U.S. Senate seat previously held by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.’

Jones has 50 percent of the vote and Moore has 40 percent, while 8 percent are undecided and 2 percent are supporting another candidate. This could definitely make a different at the polls on Tuesday when people go to cast their final votes. Fox reports:

‘This race’s uniqueness is significant. It is impossible to know who will show up to vote in a special election to fill a seat in the middle of a term in an off-year. And it’s December, a time when people expect to be going to the shopping mall, not the voting booth.’

According to Fox:

‘By a 6-point margin, Alabama voters believe the allegations against Moore are true (39-33 percent).  They were more evenly divided last month, believing the accusations by just 1 point (38-37 percent). About one quarter, 27 percent, feel it is too soon to say or have no opinion.

‘Among Republicans, 13 percent believe the accusations are true, 60 percent say they aren’t, and 26 percent are unsure. In November, it was 13-62 percent (26 percent unsure).’

Trump won Alabama by 28 points in 2016, but he didn’t officially endorse Moore until December 4 which is about a week before election day. Alabama’s senior senator, Richard Shelby, announced that he did not vote Moore and instead voted for a write-in candidate.

Out of Alabama voters, 46 percent reported being “extremely interested” in the race and from this segment, the Democratic lead slightly widens to 53-40 percent. The Fox News poll shows:

‘Jones’s lead comes mostly from nonwhites, younger voters, and women. He’s the choice of nonwhites by 76 points (83-7 percent), by 31 points among voters under age 45 (59-28), and by 20 among women (54-34). That jumps to 46 points among women under age 45 (67-21 percent).’

Also, more Democrats  (50 percent) are “extremely interested” in this election than Republicans (45 percent). A large majority of Democrats (90 percent) plan to vote for Jones while 81 percent of Republicans intend to vote for Moore. The numbers also show that Moore is losing an advantage among men, which was 12 points last month but it has now dropped to only three points.

Democratic pollster Chris Anderson said:

‘Moore might prevail if only the people who typically vote in Alabama elections turn out Tuesday, which is often what happens in special elections.’

Anderson went on to say:

‘But this appears to be a special, special election with blacks and young voters animated by a caustic Republican candidate and the chance of winning a statewide election with national implications, and at the same time some Republicans and many moderates are turned off by Moore, too.’

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