JUST IN: Congress Introduces Resolution To Investigate Trump Sexual Abuse


With all the calls for politicians, actors, directors, and other famous men to resign over accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, many are asking the question: what about the president?

Donald Trump has more than just accusations against him. There is video and written proof that he has no problem sexually harassing women publicly and both shaming and threatening them publicly when they speak out.


It’s not clear how much more proof the public will need to unanimously begin calling for Trump to be ousted from the presidency over his disgusting words and actions toward women, but it is clear that those who are still defending him are simply not bothered by a powerful man abusing women with impunity.

Democrats in Congress are ready to begin that process. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) introduced a resolution to call for an investigation into the sexual assault and harassment claims against the president. That investigation, says Meeks, should be completed by either the existing House Committee on Ethics or by a new bipartisan committee created just for this task.

Meeks is not the first Democrat, nor the first person in Congress, to call for Trump’s resignation. At least eight others have made the call, with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as the first female member to do so, and Trump decided to sexually harass her on Twitter as a result.

Three of Trump’s other victims spoke out in both a press conference as well as on Megyn Kelly’s NBC talk show on Monday, to which the White House responded by releasing a list of people who were eyewitnesses to the encounters the women cited as sexual harassment. Some of those witnesses stated that they were present during the encounters that were not inappropriate. Somehow, concurrently, Trump insists he’s never even met the women that the eyewitnesses say they saw Trump interact with. It’s a contradiction, to be sure, but what else does anyone expect from the president these days?

Meeks referred to this moment in history of women standing up and banding together against sexual harassment and sexual assault during a time when the president of the United States cannot be counted on to support their movement due to his own history of assaulting and disrespecting women.

‘In this pivotal time, when the nation should be able to a President for moral leadership, we must look elsewhere. Instead of stamping out sexism, President Trump—who has bragged about committing sexual assault himself—has fanned its flames.’

It is truly ironic to see a man who vaulted himself to the presidency by exploiting victims of sexual assault accusing Bill Clinton by having them speak at a presidential debate now claiming that his own victims are just part of some kind of political smear against him, but this is the Trump presidency. Irony is the theme of each day now.

It is no accident that Trump’s rise to the highest office in the land led to such a widespread moment of solidarity among sexual assault survivors. Its normalization has been underscored by a corrupt, abusive man who brags about assaulting women. If this is not the time for Democrats, and the American public as a whole, to stand up to this kind of victim-shaming, it never will be.

Featured image via Getty/Mike Wilson

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