BREAKING: Trump Hit With Yet Another Sexual Harassment Allegation (DETAILS)


No matter how much the president wants to try and convince us otherwise, he really is the pervert that it’s painfully obvious that he is based off of the personal stories of numerous women about their interactions with him over the years. A number of these interactions consist of credibly alleged sexual harassment or assault.

An example of the latter would be Natasha Stoynoff’s credible allegations that Trump grabbed her and forced her against a wall and forced his tongue into throat during what was supposed to just be a run-of-the-mill interview. Trump has claimed to have never known “and/or” met his accusers.

Among numerous other pieces of evidence against him, People magazine recently produced an image of Trump with Stoynoff, discrediting his claims.

Now, the president is facing another accusation of sexual harassment, having allegedly tried to pressure the wife of a former NHL star and present day NHL executive into having an affair with him.

The woman, Stacia Robitaille, wife of former New York Ranger Luc Robitaille, revealed her story on Twitter this week.

On Monday, she wrote:

‘I was once on a elevator alone with @realDonaldTrump (& a man w/him) at Madison Square Gardens. He was aggressive & told me I was coming home with him. I laughed, stating I was married to a Ranger. He guaranteed me my husband didn’t make as much money as him.’

Robitaille wasn’t just looking for sympathy with her revelation, as she explained a couple of days after her original tweet and also after the predictable tide of comments trying to discredit her.

As she put it on Twitter on Wednesday:

‘I tweeted about an unwarranted & uncomfortable experience I faced years ago — my tweet was not for money or attention, but in hope that others would not be intimidated by these horrific bullies we face today.’

Although Robitaille’s experience with Trump didn’t include him physically violating her, the experiences of other women have.

Three of these women, Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, and Rachel Crooks, held a press conference last Monday calling for a Congressional investigation into the president because of their stories.

Some members of Congress have been receptive to the women’s calls for justice.

Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, for instance, suggested that the president should resign, as other political leaders have done in the face of sexual misconduct allegations.

Trump responded to Gillibrand by reinforcing the image of him as a perverted sexist, tweeting that she would “do anything” for campaign donations.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders somehow found it in herself to insist that the president’s tweet was not sexist.

Trump, if specifically asked about Robitaille’s story, would no doubt dismiss it as ridiculous. However, the fact remains that we have a credibly accused sexual predator occupying the White House.

Featured Image via Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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