Trump Gets Weird & Tweets Saturday Gibberish About Taxes; Twitter Responds In Force


Things are winding down as Christmas approaches, but the Senate and the House still have a major job to do if they want to actually impress their base supporters. They have to get something on Trump’s agenda passed.

So far, they’ve failed miserably. The repealing of Obamacare was a disaster with Republicans unable to band together to get the legislation passed.

The road has been rocky; however, tax reform is the closest they’ve gotten to successfully passing something. They still have a way to go with two Republican senators out of commission due to health problems and a few Republicans who are still uncertain on where they stand.

With that, Trump continued to push the false promise that tax reform would benefit the middle class on Twitter Saturday. He tweeted a video of him speaking to reporters before heading to Camp David.

‘TAX CUTS will increase investment in the American economy and in U.S. workers, leading to higher growth, higher wages, and more JOBS!’

Users responded to the tweet and didn’t let Trump off easy whatsoever. You can check out their responses below.

Featured image by Chris Kleponis/Getty Images.


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