John McCain Releases Devastating Tax Bill Vote Announcement No One Saw Coming


Senator John McCain has been at Walter Reed Medical Center for nearly a week as he is treated for side effects associated with chemotherapy cancer treatments. Now, according to sources, McCain is on his was back to Arizona to be with loved ones during the holidays, as of Sunday.

This means that McCain will not be present during the tax bill vote taking place this week.

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 01: U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) passes by on a wheelchair in a hallway at the Capitol December 1, 2017 in Washington, DC. Senate GOPs indicate that they have enough votes to pass the tax reform bill. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

According to CBS News:

“Despite a razor-thin margin needed to pass the measure, McCain’s presence will not likely be the determining factor in the vote. Two critical senators — Bob Corker of Tennessee and Marco Rubio of Florida — announced their support for the bill last week after initially saying they would oppose earlier versions.”

The 81-Year old senator and relentless Republican was admitted to the hospital due to “normal side effects,” according to his office.

Sentiments from his children can be found all over the internet, expressing gratitude for the support received from the public, including the following tweet from Meghan McCain:

As well as this statement released to “Face The Nation” on Sunday from McCain’s son-in-law:

“I’m happy to say that he’s doing well. The truth is that as anyone knows whose family has battled cancer or any significant disease that oftentimes there are side effects of treatment that you have. The senator has been through a round of chemo and he was hospitalized this week at Walter Reed.”

Multiple Republican senators have spoken out about McCain’s hospitalization, and there was a clear commonality; McCain was expected to return to D.C. after leaving the hospital. The hope was not that McCain would get better for his health’s sake, but for the sake of the dreaded tax bill vote.

Minutes ago, President Trump himself spoke out saying that McCain “will come back if we need his vote.” Because that is really what a man with a brain tumor is thinking about 8 days before Christmas.

According to CBS:

“McCain’s condition has appeared to worsen lately. He suffered a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, forcing him to wear a walking brace. He eventually began using a wheelchair with members of his staff assisting him. A spokesman for Cochran told CBS News last week that the senator went through an outpatient procedure and “is doing well and is available for votes as needed.””