Trump Just Threw A Wild Christmas Eve Tantrum On Twitter You Have To See To Believe


In nothing short of a Christmas miracle, Donald Trump has tweeted on Christmas Eve. Like any man with an 11-year old, Trump woke up this morning and immediately began talking on social media, including retweeting a ridiculous meme about him being such a winner. It began with this gem:

As if that clusterf*ck wasn’t enough, he then followed it up with this meme that would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The president of the United States is now retweeting his fans’ brags on him.

It would also be funny if it weren’t such a lie. You are not winning, Donald. In fact, polls show that you are the least liked leader in modern history.

Speaking of polls..If you think he was done ranting there, you’d be wrong. The orange wonder finished up his morning rant with this little taste of mental illness:

Yikes. The man is a walking pile of bullshit. The people on Twitter seemed to agree with me. Check out their reactions to his tweets below: