Melania Trump’s TV Watching Habits Revealed; Donald Better Be Worried


It’s hard to imagine anything other than Fox News playing in the White House. We can imagine occasionally Trump will watch CNN and MSNBC to gauge the non-support of the networks; however, we figure his blood pressure can’t take the rage that 30 minutes of CNN creates in Trump.

However, there are others living in the White House. What does first lady Melania enjoy on television? In a look back on pop culture in Washington D.C., the New York Times gave a brief profile of what pop culture faves are trending in the White House.

Katie Rogers revealed that Melania’s favorite television show is How to Get Away With Murder.

‘Melania Trump recently told me her favorite show is “How to Get Away With Murder.” I love that the first lady is a Shondaland fan. She also enjoys “Empire.” And reality TV did not come up once.’

Rogers described what was so interesting about the first lady enjoying the show Empire.

‘”Empire” is juicy, outlandish drama. Escapism, almost. Larger-than-life personalities, too. Which is interesting for a first lady who is very much not into the spotlight, but is surrounded by very big personalities.’

Escapism? We can’t blame her.

It’s hilarious that she would enjoy a show such as How to Get Away With Murder, though. IMDB described the show on their website:

‘A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.’

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes has criticized Trump publicly. She’s also the creator of Scandal, which she claims takes plenty of inspiration from a Trump-run Washington.

‘The problem now is the wheels have come off the bus, and nobody’s driving …

‘We’d shoot stuff with Gregg Henry (who plays the Trump stand-in Hollis Doyle) and the next day something exactly like it only crazier would happen in the election …’

She’s also been known to destroy Trump occasionally on Twitter.

At least we know Melania doesn’t hold grudges against good television.

Featured image by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images.

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