Trump Flies Into Belligerent Thursday AM Rant Like An Illiterate Lunatic & It’s All A Huge Lie


Donald Trump isn’t known for making much sense during his mindless Twitter rants about any and everything, but Thursday morning, he really hit it out of the ballpark with a tantrum almost impossible to grasp. The dimwitted leader of the free world seems to be a little confused about the vanity fair/Hillary Clinton video scandal that has rocked (not really) the political world, leaving even the president unable to talk about things that actually matter.

Trump tweeted the following this morning:

The delusion is real, folks. Not only is the president telling a flat-out lie, but he’s doing a really bad job of it. In the tweet, Trump claims that Anna Wintour has issued an apology for the anti-Hillary video, and that she is “beside herself in grief” and “begging for forgiveness.”

This is a complete fabrication, and Trump is banking on the fact that his supporters are so naive that they won’t look beyond his ridiculous word salad for proof of anything.

Trump is basically furious that Vanity Fair issued an apology for the Hillary video, and his rage won’t let him simmer down long enough to make sense.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

“On Dec. 23, the magazine tweeted a facetious video featuring six writers sipping champagne while giving the former Democratic presidential candidate advice for 2018. Their suggestions included: working on a sequel to her book What Happened called What the Hell Happened; taking more photos in the woods; and taking “up a new hobby in the new year: volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy — literally anything that will keep you from running again,” which drew the most criticism.”

The lighthearted and well deserved jab at Hillary made diehard Clinton fans go berserk, which triggered Vanity Fair to issue a mass apology.

A Vanity Fair representative released the following statement:

“It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark.”

In the end, Anna Wintour has not issued an apology for the “HC” video, nor is she “begging” for forgiveness.

Trump is a liar.

The internet thought so too. Check out the best responses to Trump’s tweet below: