James Comey Delivers Harsh Trump/Twitter Takedown That Will Go Down In History


While no one would believe it by reading the current president’s tweets, it is possible to sound intelligent on Twitter while also masterfully destroying a man who really is a danger to our country. With all the class that Donald Trump lacks, one tweet proved on Monday that it can be done.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump and his administration lack, it’s the ability to tell the truth. With a growing list of daily lies, most of them self-serving and easily debunked with the slightest bit of research, there is no president who has ever so unethically and without shame lied to the American people.

The concept of ethics are lost on the man in charge of the White House. Endless vacation days to his own properties, most of which have raised their prices since Trump’s election, have seen the man’s pockets padded as he ignores the emoluments clause and continues to profit off his presidency. The former FBI director, fired when he refused to swear Donald Trump loyalty and drop an investigation into Michael Flynn after he committed numerous crimes, reminded the American people how very inept our current administration is without ever saying Trump’s name.

As America waits to see exactly how this nightmare will end, it is a relief to know that there are still people who put the interests of the country ahead of their own wishes and image. James Comey, since Trump’s administration began, has been a force for good, giving the American people hope that all is not lost.

Twitter certainly appreciates his efforts.

Featured image via Getty/NurPhoto

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