Trump Jr. Snaps & Flies Into Unhinged Twitter/Conspiracy Rant Like A Lunatic


With the beginning of the new year dawning, it is apparent that the Trump family and administration are continuing to deflect attention off of the controversial investigations and actions taking place within the office, and pointing it towards their political adversaries.

On the first day of the new year, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the president, promoted a conspiracy theory that had emerged previously from the website Wikileaks. In doing so, the claimed conspiracy outlines that collusion occurred between popular media outlet New York Times, and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as the Secretary of State.

In a tweet published by Trump Jr. on Monday, he claims that the victories of his father are understated and up against double standards, when considering the interactions between Hillary Clinton and New York Times in 2010. The tweet links to an article from a conservative news outlet, Daily Wire, indicating an email that would supposedly prove the collusion between the former Secretary of State and the Times. The email released by Wikileaks claims to be authored by national security reporter for the New York Times, Scott Shane, who seemingly provided information to the State Department regarding the date of publication for an array of U.S. diplomatic cables that would be released by the newspaper.

Shane immediately responded to the claims made by Wikileaks, claiming that the allegations made against him and the State Department were nonsense, as he published a line of tweets making his argument. In the tweets, Shane states his justification that the New York Times and State Department were working with one another in order to ensure the protection of dissidents and refugees against oppressive retaliation from foreign governments abroad. Shane claims that the uncovered emails were a part of a legal strategic plan that was agreed upon by other media outlets, in order to inform the State Department upon the release of the cables, so as to prevent any potential dangers that might arise as a result of the published documents.

In November of 2017, it was found that Donald Trump Jr. had extensive communications with Wikileaks on the heels of the 2016 presidential elections, citing numerous interactions and private messages between the transparency website and the Trump campaign. Although the messages themselves do not indicate illegal behavior or actions, Wikileaks’ potential connections with foreign governments abroad and the intricacies of messages between the site and the Trump family have undoubtedly raised questions. Since the identification of these messages, the communications between the two parties have been provided to the congressional committees that are currently conducting an ongoing investigation in regards to the possibility of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

Recent reports released in 2017 have further clouded the investigations and raised inquiries regarding the role of Wikileaks in acting as a middle-man between foreign agents and domestic politics, shedding light on their collaborations with mainstream media outlets abroad. One report, published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, points out the relationship between the Wikileaks website and the infamous Russian state-run propaganda outlet, RT, providing insight into the active interactions and dealings between the two parties.

Since Trump Jr.’s conspiracy allegations against the New York Times and Hillary Clinton, many on social media have erupted against the claims, bringing to light the continued controversy surrounding the Trump administration in regards to interactions with Russia. People are questioning not only the validity of Trump Jr.’s claims as being fabricated, but stating that he is doing so for the purpose of deflecting the heat that has arisen surrounding the Russia investigation. It has become evident that the conspiracy-ridden tweet sent out by the president’s oldest son has backfired in deflecting blame, and rather increased the level of scrutiny against the Trump administration and family.

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