Bannon Book Reveals Trump Called Sally Yates A ‘C*nt’ & The Reason Is Micro Penis


Donald Trump has a long history of derogatory remarks about women. In fact, he’s said so many nasty things about women that compiling a list of them is an exhaustive process. Trump, who frequently uses personal insults and attacks as a political weapon, seems to have deep problems with women.

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 22: U.S. President Donald Trump talks with journalists after signing tax reform legislation into law in the Oval Office December 22, 2017 in Washington, DC. Trump praised Republican leaders in Congress for all their work on the biggest tax overhaul in decades. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Now, information revealed in a new book about the Trump administration has provided one more item to add to the list: According to Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury”, Donald Trump referred to Sally Yates, the former Acting Attorney General, as “such a c**t.”

MSNBC, which obtained an advance copy of the book (which is set to release next week), has more:

For Donald Trump, this is just more of the same. If a woman stands in opposition to him, he will call her every derogatory slur under the sun. He’s a famously foul-mouthed bully.

Of course, Trump’s problems with Sally Yates are far more personal than most of his attacks on women. Sally Yates refused to defend his unconstitutional religion-based ban in court. She also warned the administration about Michael Flynn, which may help build an obstruction of justice case against Trump if that had anything to do with her firing. From the New York Times:

‘Sally Q. Yates, the acting attorney general, hurried to the White House with an urgent concern. The president’s national security adviser, she said, had lied to the vice president about his Russian contacts and was vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.

‘“We wanted to tell the White House as quickly as possible,” Ms. Yates told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Monday. “To state the obvious: You don’t want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians.”

‘But President Trump did not immediately fire the adviser, Michael T. Flynn, over the apparent lie or the susceptibility to blackmail. Instead, Mr. Flynn remained in office for 18 more days. Only after the news of his false statements broke publicly did he lose his job on Feb. 13.’

In fact, the Trump administration fired Sally Yates before Michael Flynn, because in Trumpland, refusing to defend Trump is worse than being criminally in bed with a foreign power.

Frankly, it would be more shocking if Trump hadn’t said disgusting and sexist things about her.

Buried deep in Donald’s psyche is the knowledge that if it weren’t for money and privilege, no woman would ever give him the time of day. Donald Trump is a disgusting, vulgar, stupid, miserable excuse for a man. He talks of nothing but himself. The only thing more disgusting than the words that come out of his mouth is the face it belongs to. Trump, who frequently attacks others for their looks and weight, is no looker himself, nor does he have any other qualities that make up for it. He’s just a wallet.

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Donald Trump has not yet disputed the veracity of this account, likely because he’s too distracted by his brewing war with Steve Bannon to cry “fake news!” and let loose the dogs of 4chan as per the usual.

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