Trump Releases Racist Tweet To Put Kneeling Athletes In Their Place & It Backfires Instantly


Donald Trump has been trying to change the subject from the mind-blowing book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, which blasted a whole right through the West Wing. What did he say in his early morning tweet that ratcheted up the voters’ emotions so quickly? Nothing good.

He played both the race card and the veterans’ card in an attempt to divide the nation in multiple ways. Trump still does not get that the reason football players took a knee during the national anthem was in silent protest against police violence in the black community.

In his tweet, he tried to shift the message from accusations of violence to being un-American. Trump wanted us to believe that taking a knee was meant to disrespect veterans who fought and died in this country’s unending wars:

‘So beautiful…Show this picture to the NFL players who still kneel!

The president, whose job is to unite the country, displayed a tweet that showed a shattered widow grieving for her dead husband, who died in action. It read:

‘We stand to honor those  who fought and died defending the greatest nation the world has ever known. God bless our vets.’

People are onto Trump’s switch-and-bate style of leadership. When the new book about the inner workings of the West Wing comes out next week, people will get a clearer look at what those around the president think of him. They will not let his morning tweet change the subject even as he tries to stir up racism.

West Wingers used words like “dope,” “moron,” and “stupid” to describe the president. Trump felt the same way about these staffers and his cabinet, because he believes he is the smartest one of the bunch. Yet, he entirely missed the point in his morning tweet.

We honor those who have served this country, but this issue is not about patriotism, as much as Trump tries to shift us to his warped reality. It is about those who died needlessly at the hands of police.

These are the beautiful pictures, the ones honoring those who died needlessly, who died too young, Mr. President.

The NFL players were kneeling to honor this child who was shot within seconds, only because he was playing with a toy. Why? Maybe, these police felt prejudice. Maybe, they were afraid. There are no good answers.

Let’s take a moment to honor these beautiful pictures of fallen citizens and to see what other Americans say about Trump’s ugly morning message:

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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