Trump Woke Up, Got Online, & Live Tweeted A Paranoid Mental Collapse Like A Lunatic


The moments before and \after anything breaks in Mueller’s Trump/Russia probe, it’s become routine for Trump to go completely crazy on Twitter, and Thursday was no exception. Usually Trump will discuss anything other than the elephant in the room (which Trump will only call “fake news” and “an excuse for Democrats for not winning the election” when he does address it), but generally he’ll just go crazy about everything else to distract from that.

This is a president who, on Wednesday, saw some extremely damaging information released to the public less than 24 hours before he began tweeting. One of his campaign managers (one who hasn’t already been arrested) said that Trump and his campaign leaders, including Donald Trump, Jr. are “treasonous” for their involvement with Russian government operatives during the election season. Yet Trump, as if he were yelling “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” tweeted to distract everyone by talking about how strongly¬† he feels about everything else but the investigation and the new revelations against him.

Anyone who disagrees with him gets the “failed” nickname, such as the “failing New York Times,” including experts who have spent their entire lives studying a particular subject. Trump cannot fathom why anyone doesn’t think that his tweets threatening nuclear war have aided a diplomatic resolution between North and South Korea and wants the world to know that he, and he only, is responsible for anything good that happens in the world.

He’s also upset that his “voter fraud commission,” which he established in anger after he failed to win the popular vote against Hillary Clinton, was forced to shut down because they didn’t find the evidence Trump hoped they would. Many states, both Democrat and Republican states, knew that the federal government demanding massive amounts of personal information about voters was outside the rule of law and they refused to turn over all of that data. It was unnecessary regardless, since voter ID laws are nothing more than a solution without a problem and a way for the GOP to prevent poor people, which disproportionately includes black Americans, from voting.

Twitter weighed in with their thoughts. See some of their reactions below.

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